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Kan Magnesium Migraine Behandelen?

Magnesium is so important for migraine sufferers! Magnesium plays an important role in relieving migraine sufferers of severe migraines. It can help them to lessen their frequency and even eliminate them completely.

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Over 70 years ago, it was first suggested that headaches could be caused by magnesium deficiency. It makes sense because many of the things that cause magnesium deficiency in the body can also trigger migraines or lower your resistance to it. Menstruation, stress, alcohol and stress are all examples. Because magnesium plays a vital role in stabilizing blood vessel walls, researchers have been studying the magnesium migraines connection. Magnesium calms pain receptors and reduces nerve excitability.

Are your Magnesium levels low? It is possible that your magnesium levels are very low. A Hair Analysis Test is the best way to determine your magnesium levels. About half of total magnesium in the body is found within bone. The remaining half of magnesium is found in cells within organs and tissues. Magnesium is only 1% found in blood.

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The body works hard to maintain constant levels. A blood test does not give an accurate reading of your magnesium levels. I had been taking magnesium citrate and magnesium Glycinate tablets for approximately six months prior to this test. My results were still on the low side for magnesium.

What Magnesium Supplement should I take? There are many types of magnesium available today. Sulfate – Glycinate – Carbonate- Citrate – Aspartate – Arginate – Oxide – Chloride. Our bodies may absorb only 10-30% of the magnesium when we take magnesium capsules or tablets. Another factor that can affect your magnesium levels is the difficulty of taking larger amounts of magnesium through the stomach. One may experience diarrhea.

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Magnesium that is skin absorbed is recommended as it can be taken in larger doses and is absorbed into the skin and bloodstream. Within 6-12 weeks, cellular magnesium levels may reach their optimal level. I applied the magnesium daily to my hair before the second test. My second hair test showed a Magnesium level reading of 6.4 My migraines have been greatly reduced in intensity and frequency.

This magnesium supplement was a huge help! Alfalfa – Cacao bean – Chlorella – Bran (Rice – Wheat -Oat) Cilantro – Pumpkin seeds – Flax seeds -Brazil nuts, millet. Supplementing magnesium is recommended for very low magnesium levels.


A diet of foods alone will not make a difference in reducing cellular levels. It is recommended to eat whole foods, especially those high in magnesium, once you have a good cellular level. To maintain your cellular levels, it is advisable to take a magnesium supplement if you have anxiety, stress, or are still suffering from pain. Take care if you have severe kidney disease and need to take higher doses of magnesium. Supplements should only be taken under the guidance of a qualified healthcare provider because of the possibility of side effects and interactions with medications.