Hoe de schildklierfunctie te optimaliseren?

The reasons girls are so prone to this illness are complicated, though one important element is just the delicate nature of a woman’s hormonal system. The thyroid gland is a member of a group of glands at the HPAT axis. This stands for”hypothalamus, thyroid gland, pituitary, adrenal.” The HPAT axis […]

Kinderen en de griep? Lees me!

Kids are back in school and half of them seem to be back out with some sort of flu or cold! What’s the difference between a cold and the flu and what can you do to reduce their risk of getting ill? A cold will be milder in symptoms compared […]

Why Do We Need More Facts On Vaccinations?

Unless you’ve been on Mars for the majority of the past twelve months you’d have heard about the H1N1 virus also called swine flu. In reaction to this perceived “killer” virus, authorities across the world ordered mass doses of a vaccine against the virus in an effort to save the […]

Is Flu Immunization Important?

What is the Purpose of the Vaccine? While the flu shot doesn’t guarantee that you won’t become infected by the virus, it will significantly reduce your risk. It’s important to note which you want to get vaccinated every year since the influenza strain constantly changes so your shot from this […]

What Is Biological Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a treatment recognized and applied in a complementary method to conventional treatments, but it plays a very marginal role in the context of official anti inflammatory remedies. Consequently, its actual use in the majority of the public hospitals is quite limited. Immune system The ways you might have […]

Welk voedsel kan het gezichtsvermogen verbeteren?

There’s good news concerning the fact that there’s evidence to indicate that Americans are becoming more health conscious. As an example, a recent health statistic compiled by Fortune Magazine ranks fruits as the 5th most popular selling food product in America. The Orange is one of one of the fruits […]

Is There A Natural Vision Improvement Superfood?

A favorite cartoon character, Popeye, correlated being strong and healthy with his love for eating tons and tons of Spinach. When it comes to healthy food options maybe Popeye was right about that. However, of course, while eating Spinach won’t cause your biceps to pop out of your arms like […]

Hoe krijg je een beter gezichtsvermogen?

A gummy green vegetable that’s often overlooked in the grocery store but, nevertheless, is a wholesome food for improved vision and overall health is the Okra vegetable. The Okra is a vegetable popular in the Caribbean, China and especially the South. It’s chock full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients like […]

Is ananas goed voor het gezichtsvermogen?

One of the amazing ways to nourish our eyes the perfect nutrition for improved vision is to add fruits with eyesight supporting nutrients in our diet. An example of a juicy fruit which we may incorporate into our diet to achieve this aim is the pineapple. This fruit is full […]