Ganoderma Lucidum - Ling Zhi Mushroom,close up

Zijn er tonische kruiden voor immuunsysteem?

Western herbs have some curative attributes, but the herbs I’m referring to would be the tonic herbs of Traditional Chinese , the Ayurvedic system, as well as the healing traditions of several South American countries. Tonic herbs do precisely what their name suggests. They tonify the systems of the body.

Tonic Herbs

Tonic herbs are an elite category of herbs that can and must be taken on a daily basis, with little to no danger, without any . Reishi: , popularly called reishi, is considered a “superior” tonic in . It’s been sought after for centuries, and to find it in the wild is really rare. It’s called “The Mushroom of Immortality” and “The herb of potency.” Reishi is antiviral, antifungal, anti-parasitic, and anti inflammatory.


It has many bioactive polysaccharides, which can be long-chain carbohydrates with medicinal qualities. It possesses anti-tumor qualities because of these polysaccharides. The extract of this remarkable mushroom is hailed for efficiently regressing tumors. Reishi can also help lessen or negate the unpleasant and harmful side effects of treatments like chemotherapy. Because of this, it’s widely given to sufferers in . Reishi also owns immunomodulating qualities. It strengthens the with dual ended activity: it raises (or lowers) the immune defense to the appropriate amounts without overstimulating the immune system thereby preventing autoimmune dis-eases. Autoimmune dis-eases result when the immune system can’t distinguish its own cells from damaging harmful cells and starts to attack itself.


It is a serious autoimmune dis-ease, but the very that the majority of us suffer with are caused by autoimmune dysfunction also. Reishi is adaptogenic, meaning it helps the body in adapting to external and internal stressors, thereby balancing physiological systems and maintaining homeostasis (equilibrium ). I take reishi everyday. It has improved my in so many ways, most importantly, how I interact with the world around me. There are less stressors and agitations, and I have more of a religious comprehension of my place and purpose. Since I began taking reishi, I haven’t suffered from the severe seasonal allergies that plagued me my whole life. I encourage you to do your own online research on reishi.


Agaricus, called “God’s mushroom” is another awesome medicinal mushroom. It also has immunomodulting effects, and is very powerful. It’s the most popular source of the polysaccharide-proteins called Beta-Glucans (Beta-1,6-D-glucan and Beta-1,3-D-glucan). These polysaccharides are macrophage activators. Macrophages are the first line of immune defense in our own bodies, the cells that seek out and destroy harmful foreign substances like viruses, fungi, yeast, as well as heavy metals and pollutants. Anytime that the viral load of the body reaches a level that’s no more maintainable by macrophage activity, dis-ease outcomes.

Agaricus can be taken safely, regular, without side effects, and such as reishi, will not over stimulate the immune system. These tonic herbs are smart, and as soon as you start taking them, you may understand how they work to your individual chemical-molecular constitute.


Holy basil, also known as Tulsi, is among the most highly revered herbs in the Auyurvedic Medical system of India. Traditionally, it is said that Tulsi balances the chakras (wheels or centers within the body), thereby balancing the flow of energy to each of the systems of the body. Like reishi, holy basil is an adaptogen, and helps the body in reducing and fatigue levels. Holy basil has been clinically proven to decrease the amount of cortisol (a stress causing hormore) from the body. It can help calm the body and the brain and reduces stress levels. It has also been shown to protect the cells from the damaging effects of radiation exposure. Holy basil has many health enhancing qualities and may be taken daily.