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has been the for many that are leading stressful lifestyles, coupled with an unhealthy diet and too little exercise. The worldwide prevalence of hypertension is now estimated at 1 billion. That translates into 1 in 3 adults with . Bieži dēvēts par "kluso slepkavu", daudzi cilvēki var dzīvot ar hipertensiju daudzus gadus bez jebkādiem simptomiem.


Un tomēr katru gadu 7,1 miljons nāves gadījumu ir saistīti ar hipertensiju! Lai gan kādam var nebūt nekādu simptomu, tas nenozīmē, ka viņa paaugstinātā asinsspiediena līmenis ir paaugstināts. is not affecting their body. Having high blood pressure puts someone at a greater risk for strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure, loss of eyesight, and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). How can we stop this outbreak? Can we change these shocking statics by addressing the origin of individual high blood pressure?


Katru reizi, kad sirds pukst, tā izspiež asinis artērijās. Tas uz laiku palielina spiedienu uz artērijām. Tas ir "augstais skaitlis".


Starp sitieniem sirds atslābst, un radītais sasprindzinājums izkliedējas. Tas ir "apakšējais skaitlis".

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The cause of 90-95percent of those with this problem is unknown. However, people who are overweight or obese, physically inactive and have diabetes are more at risk. The ongoing, daily strain that obesity places on the whole cardiovascular system causes blood pressure to achieve dangerous heights.

The great news is, nearly all cases these days are borderline-to-moderate and they may be brought under control through changes in lifestyle and diet. Additionally, there are drugs which can be taken to decrease blood pressure (diuretics, beta-blockers, channel blockers and ACE inhibitors). Here is where the question lies. High blood pressure isn’t caused by an absence of what these drugs supply.

Does it not go without saying, it is essential to uncover the origin of the cause rather than to just treat the symptoms? If the cause is identified, appropriate and effective treatment are available. As you browse through this list, assess whether you have a issue with each particular cause and which contributes most to a high blood pressure. Are these causes modifiable? Now, let us take a look at these root causes in more detail and see how they contribute to hypertension and, what you can do to alter the circumstance. Did you know there’s a thin layer of muscle covering your arteries? Consider how stress makes all the other muscles in your body texture. That’s exactly how the muscles in your blood vessels if there’s excessive stress.

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Hronisks stress var izraisīt arī rezistenci pret insulīnu, samazinot triglicerīdu daudzumu organismā, kas nepieciešams, lai muskuļi varētu atslābināties. Reaģējot uz spiedienu, organisms arī palielina sirds darbību. Kāpēc? Tāpēc, ka stress nozīmē, ka jūsu ķermeņa šūnām ir paaugstinātas enerģijas prasības. Lielāka asins plūsma uz artērijām pārī ar palielinātu muskuļu sasprindzinājumu artērijās veicina asinsspiediena paaugstināšanos.

So what can you do to alter the circumstance? Lack of exercise makes it easier to gain weight and increases the workload of the heart and arteries, which makes you more vulnerable to high blood pressure. Exercise is great stress relief and can help you maintain a healthy weight. Only 30-60 minutes of exercise per week may lower blood pressure by 4-9 mm Hg. You have to start slow. Even just 10 minutes of walking a day can be helpful. If you’ve been inactive, results are evident in a couple weeks. Your diet has to be high in and vegetables and low in saturated and total fats.

Gatavojot ēdienu no svaigām sastāvdaļām, jūs nesaņemat pārmērīgu sāls, tauku un cukura devu (visi šie produkti ir iekļauti gandrīz visos ātri pagatavojamos vai fasētos ēdienos). Turklāt jūs izbaudīsiet interesantu ēdienu gatavošanu. Dodiet sev pietiekami daudz laika, lai pagatavotu svaigas maltītes. Jūsu organisms jums par to pateiksies! Vēlaties rūpīgi sekot līdzi nātrija patēriņam. Tas nav tikai jūsu sāls spainītī! Tas ir jūsu ātrās ēdināšanas produktos, apstrādātā gaļā, desās, bekonā, šķiņķī un konservētu zupu un dārzeņu konservos.

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You should be restricting your dietary salt to less than 1,500 milligrams every day! Do You Know How Much Salt You’re Eating? Cough , laxatives, pain relievers, chewing tobacco. In addition, you have to keep your sodium-to-potassium ratio in mind. Consuming sufficient amounts of potassium is advantageous to reducing blood pressure, which reduces your risk for developing heart disease, heart failure, kidney disease or a stroke. You want to have fiber in your diet. Where do you locate fiber? Snacks must provide at least 2 g of fiber! Be aware that diets high in sugar greatly contribute to elevated blood pressure. All sugars increase inflammation in the body.

High sugar diets may injure the lining of the blood vessels, which may lead to their inflammation and scarring. Keep in mind that sugar hides under the guise of several unique names. You want to know about low consumption of . Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation. They’re an essential part of cell membranes. Omega-3 fatty acid deficiencies have been shown to bring about some cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, digestive disorders, depression, and higher blood pressure. When you are attempting to make a wholesome option, don’t eat food if one of those first 3 components is sugar, salt or fat. Watch The Serving Size! Improper purpose of spine and var radīt spiedienu uz organismu, un trauksme veicina paaugstinātu asinsspiedienu.


Weight control is crucial in addition to a wholesome diet. Choose a stress reduction technique that is appropriate for you, and remove caffeine and tobacco. Lastly, learn how to relax and reduce nervous tension and anxiety. By uncovering the reason for your hypertension, you’ll have the ability to deal with the condition more effectively. Take control today! High blood pressure means that your body is telling you something, the alarm bells are ringing and you can not ignore them. There’s a lot you can do with a healthy lifestyle: Be Fit – Eat Right – Think Well are crucial elements to take charge of your health. should be the last resort as I do not think anybody’s system is deficient in anti-hypertensive medications.


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