Young woman sits at a table and adds honey into tea. Closeup

Kāpēc ēst medu pēc ēšanas?

In my opinion, honey could very well be the oldest known kind of food ever. You can find records that date back again to the Stone Age group, where cave men would have sticks to be able to drive away the crazy bees from attacking them if they test to […]

Selection of honey in small honey jars. Closeup view, toned image

Why Is Honey A Superfood?

Honey is first used as bee food. The sweet liquid nectar is sucked by bees as they hop from one flower to another, and stored in a special container sac. They return to their hive and transfer the liquid to other bees, who then ingest it and add their enzymes […]

Working bees on honeycomb

Kā ir ar pārtiku no bišu pasaules?

As you discovered from a youthful article, the Russians likely have carried out the majority of the analysis at the Kazan Veterinary Institute in 1947 to find the amazing properties that substance embodies. So much in order that bee food (propolis) had become known as ‘Russian Penicillin’ ahead of this […]

Close up woman hand scratch the itch by hand at home. Healthcare and medical concept.

Ko jāzina par sportista pēdu?

Tinea Pedis is also known as athlete’s feet. It is a skin condition caused by a parasitic fungus called dermatophytes. It causes red, flaky, and sometimes painful skin conditions, including redness, inflammation, or blistering between the toes. Let’s start Although it is not painful, severe cases can cause burning sensations […]

Alternative medicine -raw organic royal jelly and food suplement

Kāpēc pieniņš ir tik labs mums?

Royal Jelly, unlike honey, is not collected from flowers by honey bees. It is a creamy white substance that worker bees have created to feed the queen bee during her larval and adult years. The jelly is made by worker bees who combine honey and bee pollen with enzymes from […]