skats no priekšpuses tuvplānā uz jauna vīrieša tumšā vilnas džemperī rokām, kurš ielej glāzē pienu no pudeles.

Vai ir efektīvi mājas aizsardzības līdzekļi pret bezmiegu?

Insomnia can be described as a sleep deficit disorder. Insomnia is a condition that causes insomnia to be unresponsive to sleep and disrupts sleep patterns. We have all experienced insomnia at one time or another. We know how frustrating and exhausting it can be to not be able to sleep while the rest of the world is sleeping well.


Even though an insomniac tries hard to fall asleep, it is impossible for him or her to do so. Although insomnia may be temporary and caused by anxiety or sudden stress, there are many people who suffer from this condition night after night. They are awake all night and wake up often, even if they do fall asleep. Insomniacs are people who get less than 4 hours sleep each night.

Rapid weight loss Insomnia can be temporary, acute, short-term or chronic. Transient insomnia is when a person cannot sleep for more than a few nights. Acute insomnia is when a person cannot sleep for more than three weeks. Chronic insomnia is when sleep is not available for more than a month. However, insomnia is not caused by avoiding sleep.

Vai zinājāt?

  • Insomnia grips women more than men.
  • Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes a disruption in the breathing pattern during sleep.
  • Disruptive sleep events such as nightmares, sleep walking, and restless leg syndrome.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux (or acid reflux disease)

Ko darīt?

  • You can extract 30g of milk from poppy seeds. Mix it with sugar and take one ounce each night before you go to bed.
  • A spoonful of nutmeg powder before bed would make you sleep better.
  • Warm milk with honey makes a great sleep-inducing drink.
  • After dinner, you can take a mixture of mashed bananas and roasted cumin seed. It is a great remedy for insomnia.
  • Insomnia can be treated with orange leaf tea or orange juice sweetened in honey.
  • To help you sleep better, drink a glass of milk mixed with honey and a pinch cinnamon powder before you go to bed.
  • Infusing two teaspoons honey with warm water can also be used to treat insomnia.
  • Boiling 1 teaspoon lettuce seeds in half-liter water until it reduces by one-third is a great home remedy for insomnia. You can also drink the infusion throughout your day.
  • Raw onion salad at dinner is a sound sleep.
  • A cure for insomnia is to drink 3 cups of curd each day.
  • Insomnia can also be treated with a combination of celery stalks and celery leaves juice and honey.
  • Insomnia can be treated with a hot foot bath and hot massages to the spine.
  • If you massage your scalp with a mixture of sesame oil and bottle gourd juice, it will help you to get a good night’s sleep.