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I need to share about a potent medicinal rain forest herb that is that’s extracted from a rare form of Cat’s Claw and processed in the USA and is in wide use by those who have health issues and also by those people who are healthy and want to stay that way. Samento, the most effective immune enhancing herb on the planet.


It is a rare, very pure form of Cat’s Claw which has anti-viral, anti inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti inflammatory properties. Studies show it to be beneficial in the treatment of a broad assortment of immune system related conditions, not just for people but pets also. The beneficial properties of Samento are credited to the pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids, POAs, which are located in the plant and act on the immune system and demonstrate powerful modulating properties.

Cat’s Claw root extract has been studied for its ability to help wipe out cancer cells. Scientists found POAs help increase the amount of killer T-cells. These specialized T-cells not kill virus-infected cells, but find cancer cells. Once killer T-cells locate a cancerous cell, they bind themselves to it, releasing toxic chemicals within the cell.

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These compounds puncture the cancer cells , causing it to burst and die. Samento does not have a set of chemical antagonists called tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids (TOAs) that act upon the central nervous system and significantly impair its effectiveness. Samento contains a standardized quantity of pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids (POAs)that act on the immune system and demonstrate powerful immune system regulating properties. According to research conducted in Austria, conventional cat’s claw products may comprise up to 80% TOAs, and as few as 1% TOAs can cause a 30% decrease in immune system regulating properties that POAs provide.

This may explain why large doses, sometimes far exceeding 20,000 mg every day, of standard cat’s claw comprising TOAs have to get some results in treating the previously cited immune system related conditions. POAs are also beneficial to people with HIV and AIDS. HIV attacks helper T-cells. While the body originally makes new helper T-cells, its ability to replace these cells slowly fades. Without helper T-cells, killer T-cells can’t kill infected cells very well. By gradually depleting helper T-cells and making killer T-cells less powerful, infections have the ability to gradually overwhelm the body.


Because the POAs increase production of helper T-cells, researchers analyzing these powerful plant compounds have been convinced cat’s claw has a role in HIV and AIDS treatment. TOAs have different effects in the body, none assisting the immune system cells. When POAs and TOAs are blended, the TOAs work against the POAs. Even as few as 1 percent TOA content may cause POAs to reduce their ability to beneficially modulate the immune system. Choose a product without a TOAs or the lowest percent potential. Chemotype identification takes substantial time and costs money.

For all these reasons, many distributors don’t differentiate between the chemotypes. The POAs and TOAs are usually mixed and marketed as a Cat’s Claw product. No mention of any alkaloid content is created on several cat’s claw products packaging. If the product label doesn’t give the number of TOAs, it is likely that it contains TOAs. Usually the product label will say”TOA free”. Before Samento appeared on the marketplace, a great deal of evidence was accumulated concerning the helplessness of traditional medicine on the one hand and the unsuspected therapeutic possibilities of this so-called alternative, complementary or natural remedies on the other hand.

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Samento interacts with the mind and the mind, in addition to with the cells, the cells and the body. It’s been serving human wellbeing successfully even prior to the arrival of modern medicine and this is but one reason why many modern doctors are avoiding it, frightened by it, renouncing it without even being aware of it. Modern medicine has reached incredible depths, but lost sight of the entire world. It gained control of the mobile, but lost grasp of the human.

The narrow specialists have reached a high peak, but it proved to be a razors edge where the physician and his patient are balancing between life and death. If your doctor won’t hear about herbs and other natural remedies, if he will not read the right publications or periodicals on this topic, consider whether the time hasn’t come to search for a more caring, skilled, accountable, real physician. At the end of day you’re the person who pays the bill and what it is all about isn’t a beverage after the significant working hours of their physician, but a life that’s your life, not the physicians.

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