Jogurtas balto stiklo medžio fone iš viršaus.

Koks yra populiariausias vaistas nuo mielių infekcijos?

There are many ways to treat yeast infections. There are many ways to treat yeast infections. You never know what natural remedies might work for you so it’s worth learning about prescription medications, even if you only have a superficial understanding. These medications can be very useful and you don’t know when.

Natūralus gydymas

The section below is short so you don’t have to read it. The only reason it was there was because medications to treat yeast infections, while not considered natural remedies, can be very useful sometimes. This section will help you make the crucial decision: Prescription or natural? Prescription medications were the only treatment available for yeast infections until recently.

Over-the-counter medications were almost unheard of and the only option for women was the home-remedy route. It wasn’t until recent times that prescription medication for yeast infections was anything other than generic anti-fungal medications. It is important to remember that there are many prescription medications for yeast infections.

Verta žinoti

However, not all of them will work in your body. However, if the medication works and clears your infection, then it’s what you really want. Below is a list of prescription medications that I have made. It starts with one medication that is supposed to be able clear yeast infections with just one dose. The rest of this list contains only a few prescription medications that can be used to treat and control yeast infections. None of the prescription drugs or over-the-counter medicines can be considered natural.

Acidophilus, which is basically good bacteria, can be found in yogurts. Yogurt is a popular home remedy to cure yeast infections. Acidophilus can be taken without yogurt. It works by the Lactobacillus Acidophilus bacteria, which is the good bacteria, attacking Candida Albicans bacteria, which is the bad bacteria. This produces lactic acid. The Acidophilus will prevail because Candida bacteria cannot thrive in an acidic environment.

Unless you give reasons for your vagina’s acidity to drop again. The lactic acid produced from the Acidophilus bacteria acts as a natural antibiotic for your skin. Acidophilus can be found in most pharmacies. If you don’t find it, ask staff. They should be able point you in the right direction. If you are not satisfied with the results of the capsules, you may want to switch to powdered or as a suppository. This is the best way to get yogurt to you when you need it.

Atsižvelkite į

However, it can be messy. You can do this by coating the outer lips, the labia, the navel, and the inside of the vagina with yogurt. You can use a speculum to insert yogurt into your vagina, or you could try one of the other options I’ve discussed in the next sections. You will feel immediate relief from the burning sensation and itching.

For the remedies that require yogurt to be introduced into the vaginal canal, it is important to not keep the yogurt in the refrigerator for too long. This can cause irritation just as much as not applying the yogurt at all. It’s important to wash the yogurt off once it’s finished its job. Only then, you can apply a new coating. You can keep going with this treatment until you feel completely better. This is exactly what it says. Simply take a tub full of unsweetened yogurt, and dip a tampon in it. You can then insert the yogurt-covered tampon into the vagina for immediate relief. You should not leave the yogurt tampon on for too long as it can cause side effects and even lead to a return to square one.