Gilr ranką vasarą įkando uodas ir ant odos atsirado guzų

Kokios yra pagrindinės dilgėlinės priežastys?

The many causes of urticaria are well documented in several of articles and healthcare journals and tomes. Let us try to check into them in the succeeding paragraphs. This is our chance to look further into what actually brings about this illness. When you say you suffer from the medical condition called urticaria, it’s simply you experiencing ‘hives’.

Skin rash

It comes in the form of a skin rash with a bulge, and it itches quite a bit. Red in colour, these rashes are increased from the skin, making them readily noticeable as skin lumps. If we attempt to categorize the causes of urticaria, we can easily differentiate them into two main classifications. The first category is made up of those causes which are of an allergic nature. All else – those which aren’t in any way linked to allergies – fall under the next group.

For some individuals, contracting urticaria is as simple as simply being in 1 location where exposure to certain materials is high. This is basically them responding to their surroundings, marking them as allergic reactions. There are, for example, some men and women that will develop urticaria upon using specific medications. It’s not odd to see urticaria being due to drugs or medications. Many men and women that suffer from diabetes and convulsions and taking powerful drugs for them really wind up having urticaria.

Pain killers

Even simple pain killers may also cause it. Urticaria is really a frequent side effect among numerous medications now available on the market. However, these medications are the ones which are needed in severe cases or conditions, and you cannot do without them. But since there’s a graver or more acute problem that has to be solved, people are prepared to endure the urticaria and other negative effects. Now let us have a look at the non-allergic causes of urticaria. It is already established that urticaria doesn’t only arise from exposure to allergens.

There are, for example, some men and women who’ve been proven to develop urticaria whenever their skin becomes scratched. Other men and women are in fact quite sensitive that company stroking could actually contribute to urticaria. In actuality, it’s now established that there are particular men and women who can have urticaria simply from rubbing their skin. The non-allergic causes of urticaria we’ve looked at so far are the ones which entail the skin being placed under some type of rough pressure.


Drastic and extreme changes in temperature really causes urticaria in some individuals. In this specific class, we have two subcategories of urticaria manifestations: those who are cold-induced and the ones that are heat-induced. Even the easy exposure to water can cause many people to break out in hives or have urticaria. For this issue, they could simply buy lots of the available creams on the marketplace that are specifically developed for just this purpose. Finally, we’ve got people that are known to exhibit signs of urticaria upon being exposed to sunlight. This problem is known as solar urticaria.