Kaip atsikratyti spuogų dėmių?

Acne is something that teenagers go through within the puberty process; it’s often caused because of the hormonal fluctuations that one goes through during the teenage period. While there’s little you can do about acne outbreaks, you may surely take some measures to lessen the acne scars and pimples!

Aknės randai!

Jūs, kaip ir aš, žinote, kokia problema gali būti spuogų randai! Juokingiausia, kad randai yra visai nepavojingi, tačiau kai šie bjaurūs randai užpildo jūsų , you obviously begin losing your confidence and self-esteem! People who once loved you and called you a’buddy’ now begin looking at you otherwise. Your social life is on the brink of collapse. What do you do under these conditions? Well, there’s nothing to worry about as in this article I will tell you about four easy acne blemish removal therapy you can use!

Ką daryti?

First and foremost, you need to learn how to look after your . Including washing your face with clean water and mild soap, two times each day, making certain you don’t touch your face without washing your hands, etc.. The skin of your face is very sensitive and delicate and consequently, can quickly infect it, that is why I proposed against touching your face without washing your hands, so the germs on your hands can’t infect your face. Likewise, washing your face daily acts as a moisturizer on your face; not to mention that it also removes excessive oil (sebum) and other filthy particles in the skin’s surface that would otherwise clog skin pores and cause acne vulgaris!

Kartu su veido plovimu vandeniu taip pat būtina palaikyti kūno drėkinimą. at least eight glasses of water every day. Water helps to detoxify the body from toxins and so, prevents the formation of acne scars! Use with care: If your job demands that you wear makeup and makeup, that’s fine, but at exactly the exact same , taip pat turite būti tikri, kad baigę darbą kruopščiai nusiprausėte veidą, kad nuplautumėte makiažą; būkite tikri, kad einant miegoti ant veido neliks nė užuominos apie makiažą ir (arba) kosmetiką. Atminkite, kad ne visos kosmetikos priemonės yra vienodos; daugelyje šių kosmetikos ir kosmetikos priemonių yra kenksmingų cheminių medžiagų, kurios gali lengvai pakenkti jūsų odai, jei joms bus leista ilgai išbūti ant odos paviršiaus!


Last but not the past, it’s also very important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Remember that people who lead an unhealthy and unhygienic life are more prone to acne strikes than others. Drinking water frequently, as I discussed previously, is 1 thing that you ought to make part of your everyday routine. If you’re a lover of junk and processed foods, it’s time to say goodbye to them since these foods add nothing to your body except toxins, which in turn worsens the appearance of your scars; rather, you should be eating ir daržovės, kuriose yra , mineralų ir kitų fermentų, kurių reikia jūsų organizmui! Galiausiai, taip pat turite daug miegoti!


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