Besišypsantis brandus vyras, laikantis jogos kilimėlį ir žiūrintis į kamerą. Laimingo mišrios rasės vyro portretas su jogos kilimėliu parke po fitneso pratybų. Sveikas pozityvus vyresnio amžiaus vyras, laikantis jogos kilimėlį, su žmonėmis fone.

Kaip pasiruošti jogos mokytojų kursams?

Knowing when you’re ready for yoga teacher training can be challenging, especially if you’re uncertain of how long and obligation such a job will need. While the answer to whether a man or woman is ready for yoga instructor training differs based on which individual is requested, there are a couple of important elements to remember when considering joining a yoga practice.

Goot žinoti

By making the time to consider how getting a yoga instructor will affect your life, you’re on your way to becoming a yoga teacher. What’s your experience Level? First of all, it’s necessary to work out you have level of ability when exercising on your own, and what sort of yoga you decide to do. It’s quite tricky to get motivated to educate a sort of yoga that you have very little comprehension with or fire for.

Taip pat norėtumėte įsitikinti, ar gerai jaučiatės pažengusiųjų klasėje ir norite išbandyti naujoviškesnes pozas. Nors joga nėra varžybų dėl to, kas sugeba atlikti daugiausiai pozų, svarbu, kad užduotumėte sau užduotį, ar norite tapti mokytoju. Tai galite padaryti priversdami save kuo dažniau sužinoti daugiau pozų. Jei norite iš tikrųjų save pastūmėti tapti jogos mokytoju, turite norėti kuo daugiau sužinoti apie jogą.

This is definitely not restricted to basically memorizing a good deal of rankings, but growing that knowledge into respiration, body, meditation manners and all philosophies behind the practice of yoga. Once you accept the desire to involve yourself in every component of yoga, you’ll discover that it’s much easier to find yourself in the role of a teacher. When you’ve begun to see yourself as a yoga teacher, it’s important to decide on a teaching course that’s most appropriate to your lifestyle and the sort of instructor you need to become.


Many yoga centers provide many teaching classes that differ in ability and time. For example, you can begin learning gradually to get a feeling for becoming a teacher with a degree one program that typically requires 30 hours of training for certification. Butif you’re feeling harder for the beginning, there are classes which need 200 hours of training for certification. One final point to consider is to have an open mind throughout the entire process of studying and even after you obtaining your certificate. Teaching yoga is a lifelong process, and you’ll get from it as much as you’re prepared to put in.