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Ar gali pleišto pagalvė sumažinti rūgšties refliuksą?

Many acid reflux sufferers don’t realize that a wedge pillow can significantly reduce acid reflux at night. You no longer have the natural force of gravity to weigh your stomach contents down so acid tends not to reflux as freely as it does when you lie down. This can lead to a variety problems.

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You may feel a burning sensation in your throat or a hoarse voice due to hydrochloric acid baking your vocal chords. I’ve been through both of these situations before and was determined to find a solution. The wedge pillow is the answer. The wedge pillow is the ultimate home remedy for acid reflux. It is a pillow that sits on an incline. The incline can be anywhere from 20-40 degrees.

The pillow is made of a special, harder material that conforms to your back and provides plenty of support. You don’t want to “make” the pillow wedge by yourself. Normal pillows are too soft for this type of thing. If you try to make a pillow wedge yourself, you could end up causing more reflux. This pressure could cause your LES valves to open and you may experience more reflux than if you were to lay down normally.

Wedge Pillow

If a wedge pillow is not in your budget, you can place bricks under your headstock to make your bed on an incline. This will need to be discussed with your significant other. It is for this reason that I recommend a wedge pillow for acid reflux. I have noticed a significant reduction in my nighttime reflux symptoms, to the point that I don’t feel hoarse in the morning. I was amazed, seeing as I have suffered from morning hoarseness for half of my life.

It was absolutely amazing. The pillow can be a little difficult to get used to, but it is worth it. It can be uncomfortable to sleep on an incline for some people. If you have a healthy back, and can adapt to it, you will be able to see great results with this simple acid reflux remedy.


Which one should you choose? There are many different types of pillows available. Look up the specifications, read reviews and research the dimensions. You’ll want the right pillow for you. A pillow that adjusts for your larger frame is a good choice. A pillow that can support your movements is a good choice if you are prone to tossing and turning. You should also consider your meal time and how often you eat food when choosing a wedge pillow.

You should get rid of midnight snacks. They only make your reflux worse. Eat your larger meals earlier in the morning and eat a smaller meal at night. Doctors recommend that you don’t eat for more than 3 hours before bed. I would go a little further and say for 4 hours if I can slow down my digestion. It’s better to be safe than sorry.