What Is The Swine Flu Again?

The news media continues to report on the swine flu scenario in their typical sensationalist style. It amounts to fear mongering at its worst. I really don’t want to dismiss any concern at all, but most reports appeared designed to maximize fear while providing no helpful information. Right now I wish to give you a few facts about the flu and swine flu, tell you how concerned you should really be and above all let you know what you can do to protect yourself.

Swine Flu

To start, “swine flu” is a recently recognized a strain of flu virus. It more accurately is called the H1N1 virus. Although it initially seemed to be a mutation of a virus prevalent in pigs, that now seems to be less probable. In any case it seems like the expression swine flu is here to remain. News reporters prefer to compare the capacity of the present situation into the devastating flu epidemic of 1918. Allow me to give some instant reassurance. It’s very unlikely the situation will ever reach that intense.

For starters, we have much better public health and healthcare systems globally than existed 90 decades back. For another, the virus lacks a protein that has been present from the 1918 virus and appears to be a hallmark of viruses capable of causing irreparable epidemics. Also, a lot of the populace was exposed to other breeds of a H1N1 virus before and probably have some degree of immunity.


This virus is spread just like any other flu virus: from person to person. In the typical process of transmitting the virus spreads into environmental surfaces through respiratory droplets when someone coughs or sneezes. Someone else then picks up the virus in their hands when they reach that surface and information contaminate their lymph system when they reach their face. There were just two very simple yet very effective things you can do to protect yourself. One is to practice good hygiene. Another is to strengthen your immune system.

Why not become an obsessive-compulsive, regular hand washing is the single best thing you can do to protect yourself. Don’t bother with antibacterial soap. It’s no better than plain soap there could be some drawbacks to spreading the compounds in the antibacterial soaps around. It’s also advisable to take an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you when you’re out in public because water and soap are not always available.


Not everyone who is exposed any virus gets ill. Our immune system’s generally do an excellent job of protecting us. The stronger your immune system, the less likely you are to become sick and in case you should become infected the milder your symptoms are likely to be. I have a page on my site which outlines effective, proven steps you can take to maximize your immune system, including a nutritional supplements you should take straight away. I hope this alleviates a number of your fear and can help you keep the present situation in perspective.


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