What Do You Need To Know About Depression And Suicide?

The human is an extremely irrational animal which has but handful of rationalism, intuition and sensitivity. His development takes long and he could be constantly impeded by his wild nature too. If you believe you earn a large mistake and you also desire to die now, understand that the horrible truth about humans is they are cruel and irrational animals.


They make many mistakes because they’re stupid too, susceptible to violence, the human conscience hasn’t evolved sufficiently up to now. The biggest area of the human brain may be the right part that belonged to a wild caveman. That caveman lives inside humans. The individual is a lot more than an animal no, only more developed when compared to a monkey somewhat. Therefore, if you made an extremely big mistake, because we all have been cruel and irrational animals that produce many mistakes, without understanding what we have been doing.

Others may not forgive you, because they’re cruel exactly. However you need to suggest to them that the proper attitude in your direction is forgiveness. and accept you how you come in hopes of seeing you behave better later on following lessons you learned together with your tragic experience. Unless you have the courage to require forgiveness and show remorse as you are too proud, All sinners commit many baptism and sins cannot prevent them from making mistakes throughout their lives. This occurs as the human being is a bit human.

The ego

The ego may be the absurd king that really wants to be on does and top not respect other humans. Because of this , the ego leads humans to craziness and despair. This is one way he loses the human side of his conscience completely, learning to be a mere wild animal that may only kill and destroy. all ongoing works of poetry draw our absurdity with words, and all ongoing artwork reflect the irony of our lives making use of their sad scenes.

When you have made an extremely big mistake, in accordance with his cruel and irrational characteristics. So, don’t die but instead consider that true wisdom would be to accept being humble also to accept requesting forgiveness. However, you don’t have to take such dramatic action.

Final note

There are plenty of ways by which it is possible to correct your mistake as time passes and show your enemies you are much less cruel and inconsequential because they thought. Time can help you illustrate that you won’t be the same after what happened and you will be only good to any extent further. You learned your lesson and you also changed a whole lot due to it.


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