What are the Options of Migraine Medicine?

Every year millions of people suffer from crippling migraine headaches. A migraine is more than only a bad headache; it’s an extreme, debilitating, headache which makes it difficult for the victim to operate and take part in normal, everyday tasks.

Over-the-counter medication

When a migraine strikes the first thing its prey needs to do is find the fastest road to relief, and that’s usually possible only with the assistance of migraine medication. Over-the-counter medication is the first line of defense against the incapacitating pain of a migraine headache. There are numerous varieties of over-the-counter pain relief available, but the one that works best for you may just be determined through trial and error.

Ibuprofen, aspirin, acetaminophen, and naproxen – best called Motrin, Bayer, Excedrin and Tylenol, and Aleve respectively (although all are offered under generic titles ) – are the primary and best known choices in the marketplace of migraine medication. However, as any migraine sufferer understands, sometimes those medicines are just too little, too late, to supply any real relief from a debilitating migraine.

There’s another choice: try to find the migraine before it gets you, and preventative migraine medicine is intended to do precisely that. Preventative migraine medication is taken every single day, and it is most likely not the best solution for a person who suffers from irregular o rrregular migraine headaches. If, on the other hand, you suffer from regular – more than twice a month – and debilitating migraine headaches, then a daily avoidance regime may be the most logical solution for you.

Daily regimen

A daily regimen can’t just stop the migraines from happening, it is going to lessen the quantity of painkillers you’re ingesting. That is important to think about because significant doses of pain killers, even of the over-the-counter selection, may have adverse side effects on your body. Just like over-the-counter alternatives, a daily prescription migraine medication may require a trial and error by you and your doctor so as to find the correct medication and dose for your circumstances.

You may have to graph the frequency and severity of your headaches to be able to aid the physician in locating the very best migraine medication. It’s important to remain patient and optimistic throughout the procedure, as it can take weeks or even months prior to the perfect medication and dose is found. After six to twelve weeks of effective headache control, your doctor might think that it is in your best interest to taper the dose of this medicine with an eye toward preventing you from the burden of daily medication, in addition to the painful state of migraine headaches. If you suffer from migraine headaches then you owe it to yourself to fully investigate the choices that are available to you.


Migraine medicine exists in several forms, and it may help those who suffer with the infrequent – but still painful – nuisance, in addition to individuals who suffer frequently. But not all migraine medication is created equal, and if you’re fighting to control your condition then seek advice from your physician so as to come up with a migraine medication strategy that is right for you.


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