Seasonal Affective Disorder?

I understand you’re probably thinking from the title that blog has something regarding some form of sob story. No. Actually, SAD may be the acronym for Seasonal Affective Disorder. What’s Seasonal Affective Disorder you might ask? SAD is really a type of depression that affects about 5% of adults, with 20% of individuals having a few of the symptoms of this problem however, not enough to really be diagnosed for the disorder.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

SAD is really a disorder that’s seasonal and usually sets in round the fall and winter season once the days are growing shorter and there’s less sunlight. Some social people make reference to it because the “winter blues.” Although a lot of people experience this only through the winter and fall months, year round that is usually because of chemical imbalances in the mind there are several who experience it.

Not long ago too, of August of the year sometime round the first part, I was sitting in a restaurant eating while looking forward to my husband to choose me up. The restaurant was empty aside from an elderly lady who sat right down to eat a salad around three or four tables from me. I must say i can’t recall the way the conversation got started but she struck up a conversation just commenting on the elements that day and how nice it had been considering how hot it turned out all summer.

Goot to know

The temperatures were somewhere in the 70s also it was an extremely nice cool but sunshiney day. Because the conversation continued she also mentioned how she had not been looking towards the fall and winter season because she always tends to hibernate of these times. I expressed to her that I’ve had my bouts with attempting to hibernate aswell and that many people have a problem with this.

She stated that she was taking medication for depression also. I mentioned to her that after performing a large amount of research and studying I learned that the reason why folks are so energetic and such high spirits through the spring and summertime is due to the sunlight. And it’s really actually because of good affects that sunlight gives us.

Keep in mind

Contrary to popular belief we get vitamin D from sunlight actually. I was shocked by a year or two ago when I came across this out because the majority of the research concerning the effects of sunlight when it comes to your wellbeing is with regards to skin cancer and advising visitors to use sunscreen to safeguard themselves. Although that is necessary definitely, and still yet, since the majority of the attention is directed at protection from natural sunlight, a lot of people could not really think about the known proven fact that there may be health advantages to getting sunlight.

There are plenty of health advantages to bathing in natural sunlight! Making sure you utilize a lot of sunscreen protection needless to say. Here are a few of things that this wonderful creation of God (our sun) can perform for you personally. Sunlight helps your body in the production of vitamin D that’s essential for calcium absorption also it directly affects our mood. Not merely does sunlight help the physical body in producing vitamin D, it helps to help keep your neurotransmitters in good working order also.


These are chemicals that send signals from cell to cell inside our body, in one neuron to another. Although you’ll find so many neurotransmitters, (neurological research has identified over 50 of these) you can find four forms of neurotransmitters that a lot of people are acquainted with that are most crucial and directly linked to mental health. They’re: seratonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, and endorphin.

Without getting all technical and detailed in describing them too, (trust me, there is a lot to speak about with regards to neuroscience. I am going to just provide a brief description of what each is in charge of in the physical body. Seratonin is our mood regulator and is associated with our emotions basically, our perception, and how exactly we feel. Little seratonin can result in depression too, cause irritability, anger issues, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a bunch of other emotional issues. People also have a tendency to crave carbohydrates (typically finding yourself eating the incorrect kinds) because of the fact that your body is really attempting to increase seratonin levels in the mind.

What carbohydrates do is improve the known degree of insulin, a hormone in the physical body, which activates an amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan is then “ushered” in to the brain. And do you know what? Trytophan is really a precursor to getting our seratonin juices flowing. Aaahhh!! No wonder we crave those bagels and that pizza so much through the winter and fall months. That’s our body’s method of attempting to increase our seratonin levels to create us “feel great.” Um-hum! Your system wants a method to relax.


It does this for you personally. No wonder it’s so difficult to adhere to those diets when we are all stressed out. It isn’t so much appetite suppression that people need, it’s finding methods to keep our hormones in balance by involving ourselves in items that relax us. Exercise is one of these. Personally, I simply are actually among those people who genetic makeup that dictated that I’d naturally have low degrees of seratonin and also have to make certain that I do precisely what is necessary to improve this hormone.

Maybe that is why I love training. Many people can’t stand to exercise but there are occasions that I actually crave those workouts (mostly during stressful times in my own life). Talking about exercise, this brings me to another neurotransmitter endorphin. Endorphins work as neurotransmitters. That is our body’s natural morphine that is made by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus during exercise. No wonder I really like exercise so much. If you are in stressful situations, your body looks for methods for getting those neurotransmitters working out for you be it through food or exercise.

The physical body knows what it requires. By the real way, in talking about food that increases seratonin levels in your blog earlier, I looooove chicken. Have always. I could actually say that I’m a bonafide chicken addict and in accordance with my hubby a chicken hawk. Most everybody in my own family knows that I’m the “chicken queen” because I could eat chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday almost. I might have a break for some days but after my separation from chicken, I gotta own it just! I am telling my hubby for a long time that there is a scientific explanation for my chicken addiction after being ridiculed and teased for my love for this. Incidentally, if you’re likely to eat chicken, that is a good way to obtain protein for individuals who want to lose weight, be sure you are getting top quality chicken that was not injected with hormones and chemicals.

Nutritional factor

Even though I’m talking about healthy what to eat, going to carbohydrates back; there is nothing wrong with eating pizza or any carbohydrate provided that we make certain that we are consuming healthy carbs like wholegrains, beans, legumes, nuts, fruit and steamed or raw vegetables. It’s easier to make the pizza yourself from scratch using whole wheat grains or unprocessed flour and throw some spinach or finely chopped broccoli on the pizza to create it a lot more healthy.

You can find even some vegan restaurants nowadays that produce healthier pizzas along with other foods that enable you to eat out and choose healthier choices. OK back again to the hormones now. Let’s talk just a little about melatonin. Although this is simply not a neurotransmitter but a hormone, it’s a thing that must be discussed aswell since it is directly linked to other hormones and really helps to regulate other hormones. Melatonin may be the hormone in charge of controlling our sleep patterns. It regulates our circadian rhythm that is an interior 24-hour “clock” that tells us when to drift off so when to awaken. Without this we’d all insomiacs be!

During those dark hours your system produces more melatonin, through the daylight hours your system produces less. This is why why people get jet lag or have a problem with sleeping throughout the day if they have 2nd and 3rd shift jobs. It throws your body’s sleep cycle out of whack. On to norepinephrine now. Norepinephrine functions as a neurotransmitter and a hormone. The difference between a neurotransmitter and a hormone is merely that neurotransmitters are released from nerve cells whereas hormones are made by the endocrine gland.


It is released and secreted by the adrenal glands and by the noradrenergic neurons. This is a stress hormone that the mind releases during times of stress. When norepinephrine and its own pathways aren’t functioning in the mind properly, a true amount of disorders may appear, including depression and attention disorders.

Dopamine and norepinephrine are transported across the same pathway in the mind so if norepinephrine production is constricted for some reason, dopamine production will undoubtedly be affected. That takes us right into a discussion about dopamine. Dopamine may be the neurotransmitter that controls our brain processes, movement, emotional responses, and our capability to experience pain and pleasure. Dopamine is really a precursor to norepinephrine. It plays an essential role in both our mental and physical health.

Keep in mind

People who have Parkinson’s disease have lost their dopamine producing ability. The neurons that transmit this hormone have died, adversely affecting muscle movement thereby. The mind of an individual with Parkinson’s disease contains minimal dopamine. Parkinson’s patients are usually given drugs that could be changed into dopamine in the mind to greatly help relieve their symptoms. Other disorders with dopamine production could cause a decline in neuro-cognitive functions such as for example attention and memory.

This is among the factors behind Alzheimer’s. Given that I’ve discussed some of the main neurotransmitters and how these work to greatly help us maintain a wholesome mind-set and healthy bodies, I simply desire to end by saying that when it comes to SAD along with other mood disorders, frequently it really is unrecognized by both one who is experiencing it and friends and family. It really is so easier for people to identify and acknowledge an individual with a physical disorder or disability against someone with a mental or emotional disorder because many people are not educated with regards to the neurological function of your body.

Outward signs of illness could be taken care of immediately more readily because we are able to see them and for that reason we have been more compassionate toward anyone who has a physical illness. With regards to brain disorders or emotional disorders such as for example depression, ADHD, autism, alzheimer’s, and bipolar disorder, people typically hardly understand what’s happening and they are much less compassionate with individuals who experience it. These kind of disorders are silent killers sometimes, if left untreated, that folks often attribute to someone’s personality.


Healthy diet plan, and exercise. you need to seek the advice of a health care provider and get medical assistance. Through the winter remember to benefit from the snow. Winter is among the best seasons due to the “white stuff” that I really like so much! Scripture reading, or yoga might have a significant positive influence on your body and mind.


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