Is Depression Just a Mindset?

That depression is simply a mindset? Are you tired of hearing this same old information about healing depression? Are you frustrated with the lack of comprehension? Are you mad that we’ve blamed you for your illness, and they think its ‘all in your mind’? Do you want that people would understand that you’re not choosing to have this melancholy – which you’d ‘get over it’ if you can? Have you tried ‘talk therapy’ but you still do not feel any better?

Where is your depression coming from?

Perhaps you have at times wondered to yourself if there is something actually physically wrong with you which is causing or contributing to your depression? You know you have tried so difficult to ‘pull yourself from the huge black hole’, but it is like the melancholy has got its claws into you? Have you always felt somewhat different – like there is something missing? Do you feel as if you ‘should’ be happy, you don’t have a right to feel miserable and depressed because there’s nothing wrong with your life?

Or perhaps since menopause, a head injury, the loss of a loved one, a stressful life event, or even a ‘break-down’, you are not feeling – and questioned if there’s a physical reason for those feelings of despair or numbness? Have you been looking for someone to confirm that for you? Hoping that somebody could find something physically ‘wrong with you’ so it may be fixed? Someone to show that you are not emotionally deficient or defective in some way?

I need to share with you that it’s extremely possible that a physical or biochemical imbalance is causing your depression. Emotions, behaviour and ideas are merely as biological as breathing and digestion. Therefore depression can be a symptom of a physically unwell mind; like poor vision is a symptom of eyes which aren’t working correctly, and fatigue is a symptom of high iron levels, and a sore throat is a symptom of tonsillitis (infected tonsils).

Unhealthy Mind

Depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts can be a result of an unhealthy or sick mind – instead of your unresolved emotions. You might be asking “Wouldn’t my physician have ruled out the physical causes of my depression?” Unfortunately in many circumstances they would not have- at least not all of them anyhow. It’s possible your doctors done two or three standard tests to research some apparent contributing factors, but it is unlikely they would have ruled out each the 20 distinct physical or biochemical imbalances that can lead to depression.

This knowledge offers freedom and hope for you now. If you have tried counselling, coped with suppressed anger, addressed your emotions and your past, and put goals in place but still struggle under the burden of melancholy – know that there might be a physical, biological, biochemical trigger for this. And the very exciting and life changing news is that as soon as you figure the biochemical cause of your depression, it can be treated efficiently. Please know that curing depression is possible.

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