How To Prevent Headaches?

There are many causes of headaches. One of the most common causes of headaches is food. This is not a surprise to migraine sufferers. They know that they must avoid chocolate and cheese, as well as many other amine and salicilate foods. Your diet may be causing more headaches than necessary. Many young people have excellent digestion. I remember when I was twenty I could eat a large pizza. But now, a few slices of pizza is enough.


The bodies of young people have enough hydrochloric acid to make digestive enzymes. Enough to deal with all types of excess dietary intake. These essential digestive chemicals decrease in production as we age, on average, around our late thirties. Two things compound the problem. The first is that the western world seems to be addicted to antacids. These drugs reduce our acid levels further, which can have a negative effect on the stomach’s ability to digest protein.

We are also eating more than we used to in a few generations. Three times as many calories are now required for French fries than it was in 1960. Guess what? They weren’t hungry back then. What do we have? An aging population that eats more food and takes medications to treat side effects, which only makes our digestions worse. We now see an increase in food hangovers, which can lead to headaches.


It is one of the main causes of alcohol hangovers. Dehydration and headaches are common in processed foods that contain high amounts of sodium or sodium alternatives like MSG. The same problem can be caused by excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages. People who eat too much at night can experience disturbed sleep due to their digestive system’s inability to process the large amounts of food.

Sometimes, the digestion is not complete, causing discomfort in your gut, liver stress from fat, and headaches.

Hangover Headaches

Here are some ways to avoid food hangover headaches.

  • Slowly reduce how much food you eat.
  • Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables-good for the liver. Reduce your intake of junk and processed foods-bad for your liver.
  • Increase your water intake and cut down on energy drinks. Water will give you plenty of energy and make your cells more efficient.
  • Avoid antacids and use natural supplements if needed. Heartburn can be managed with ingredients such as Gentian and Pepsin. Chamomile, fennel, and meadowsweet are also great options.


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