How To Commit To My Wellness?

We’ve already reviewed the value of scheduling appointments with your health-care supplier (s) and making your personal nourishment plan which includes smaller, more frequent meals and a lot of water. Here are some more ideas that will help you rejuvenate a happy, healthier you. Among the easiest ways to keep your health on track is to plan your meals.

Let’s see…

For a lot of individuals, last-minute meals frequently mean hitting the drive-through the way home or ordering take-out meals many times a week. While a bucket of chicken or a pizza can be a fantastic treat, as regular fare it’s hard on your body and may be hard on your wallet. Try calling a family meeting when everyone is there and ask your family if they’re ready to take a more active part in dinnertime planning and preparation.

Get clear on everybody’s time commitments, and then think of a”dinner schedule” for the upcoming week. Draft a shopping list to make sure all of the components necessary for the foods will be available. Notwithstanding the additional work, your family members will learn about nutrition and will have the ability to participate and input their particular preferred foods to the menus.


Okay, you know that exercise is good for you. You know that regular exercise reduces stress, reduces cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, strengthens your immune system and enhances the health of your heart. Despite the fact that you know all this, it’s still challenging, if not downright impossible, for one to fit regular exercise into your life.

Many people have begun “exercise programs” with the best of intentions, only to find ourselves three months later wondering what happened when we realize that somehow the workout program was squeezed from our agendas. You only have to appear at the crowds in the exercise classes in January and compare this to the turnout in April to understand that you aren’t alone. There are numerous reasons exercise programs ebb and flow.

Let’s understand it

First, if the exercise program feels like a”should” you probably won’t keep this up. If you’re trying to “fit it in” rather than commit to it as a priority, then you probably won’t keep this up. If it starts out too large –such as telling yourself you will visit the gym three times per week or three mornings by seven o’clock–there is a high probability you won’t keep this up. But above all, if is not happy, you definitely won’t do it. If you want to have more physical activity in your life, consider taking a look at exercise differently.

List the actions you loved to perform as kid. What type of motion was fun for you? Remember the things you used to do as a young woman, when you were not worried about”getting in shape” or keeping off the pounds. What activities were a part of your life up until your program became”too busy” for exercise? To bring happy movement into your life, consider starting with small steps. Commit to doing whatever it is you like to perform for a brief amount of time every day. You may also want to try changing your perspective of what an “exercise program” is.

Final note

Turn up the music and dancing in your living room, just for the joy of it. Or walk along the sea or at the park by your house and smell the fresh air and revel in the scenery. When you concentrate on the joy of exercise, it no longer feels like a “should;” it becomes something that you truly love and want to perform. Remember with a balanced approach when committing to a health. Resist the urge to go to the extreme–overeating versus dieting, excessive exercise or none whatsoever. Listen to your body and your intuition; they’ll direct you as you move toward better health.

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