How I Got Rid Of My Migraines?

Those were the days I will always remember. The ceiling fans’ lights felt like shining spotlights directly into my eyes. It was almost as if people were shouting at me when they spoke to me. The ringing in your ears, the sensitivity of light, the irritability and the vomiting were too much. The best way to get relief from these life-altering headaches is to try to sleep off it. However, this was not always possible. Sometimes, the pain could last several days.


These are what I am referring to. For over ten years, I was suffering from migraines. I would get one at least once a week. Even if you’ve never had one, the pain and discomfort are difficult to describe in words. People who have never experienced migraines are often quoted saying that it’s “just a headache,” and that they can forget about it.

According to the National Headache Foundation, 28 million Americans suffer migraines. I can recall my mom taking me to the doctor. I also recall her taking me to the doctor at night to pick up OTC medication. You would have believed I was pregnant, if you didn’t know.

Pain Relief

Prescription pain pills were prescribed for migraine relief. They were only meant to be used to treat migraine pain. I would prefer to prevent headaches from ever happening. The medication was not effective and could cause nausea, dizziness, light sensitivity, headaches, and vomiting.

Why are they taking them? As I grew older, I began to take a proactive approach to my overall health. To prevent migraines, I would avoid trigger foods like chocolate, caffeine, and dairy. Despite my best efforts, I still suffered from migraine headaches quite often. These migraine headaches were a horrible time in my life. They not only affected my physical health but also affected my emotional well-being. Even though I didn’t have a migraine, the thought of having one terrified me so much that I kept OTC pain relief in my car, at work and in both my bathrooms at home.

I kept one at arm’s reach and would quickly take one if my head started to hurt. Ironically, worrying about them can sometimes cause migraine headaches. Except for frequent migraines, I have always been in good physical condition.

Stress Factor

Stress was my only other health problem. A doctor later confirmed that my migraines were directly related to stress. I used to think that if I only had to worry about migraines, I was very lucky. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t painful! I was told many times to ask my doctor for prescription pain pills for my migraines, but I had been there before and didn’t like how it made me feel.

To be honest, I learned to live with them and not to rely on any other medicine. Would you like to learn how I managed to get rid of my migraines forever 26 was the age I realized that I wasn’t feeling as well as I should.

Healthy Lifestyle

I was trying to eat right and exercising every day, but something was not right. In the hope that nutritional supplements would provide what my body needed, I began taking them. It wasn’t an overnight success. I tried different supplements from different places and stores. I was initially skeptical. It doesn’t work. I persevered, and I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was persistence or not knowing when to stop.

Persistence paid off when I found a few dietary supplements I could see a difference in. One of the products that I was using was a liquid B-12 supplement.


I noticed a significant increase in energy levels when I started taking the B-12 supplement. However, I didn’t feel shaky or hyper when I first started using it. I felt exactly how I should feel. This is always a good reason to stick with something. A good friend asked me what I do to relieve migraines. After suffering from headaches for three consecutive days, she asked me what I do to relieve them. I thought, “Wow, it’s been a while!” before I replied to her.

The last time I remember having one was shortly after I started taking the B-12 supplement. I gave her a second bottle of B-12 and explained that it was only by her asking that I realized how long it had been that I had had a migraine in the past. I told her I wasn’t certain if the B-12 was the cause, but that it wouldn’t hurt me to try. Within 30 minutes, her headache was gone! She now takes the B-12 every day and has not had a migraine in 30 years.


After 13 years of suffering with chronic headaches, I accidentally discovered a way to stop them. It’s funny how life works sometimes, eh?


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