How can God Speak through Dreams?

You can now directly talk with God by imitating the meaning of dreams in line with the scientific method of dream interpretation. Carl Jung discovered an ideal system of fantasy translation and I simplified and explained his method for you.

Spiritual attitude

Jung did not have a spiritual attitude because he was a scientist. I didn’t mind recognizing that God exists and confront the atheistic world. I wasn’t a scientist. I needed to become one since this was my moral obligation. I never wanted to become a physician. I was only a literature author, and I did not wish to be anything else. I was more than pleased with my extraordinary literary talent, which was motivated by the subconscious mind which produces our fantasies and provides us also religious and artistic inclinations.

Regardless, I needed to become a scientist just because this was necessary for my own psychotherapy. Then, I needed to cure a lot of people through fantasy therapy for two decades since I needed to reevaluate Jung’s method. Initially I did not know how to address this change in my life, but I did not mind having to declare that God exists and insist on speaking about this matter, besides describing the scientific value of dream interpretation based on Carl Jung’s method.

God’s presence

Needless to say, at the beginning I hated the concept of having to prove God’s presence to our atheistic world. I passed from 6 decades of complete atheism after suffering from a tragic car accident when I was 15-years-old. I began accepting the possibility of God’s presence again when I became 21-years-old, though I wasn’t religious. I didn’t visit the church. I didn’t have religion; I just admitted God’s presence without insisting on trying to prove that God is a myth, as I was able to do after the automobile accident. I only recuperated my religion once I found that God was trying to rescue my psychological health, and that is the reason why I had an extraordinary literary talent.

I wrote a complex literary publication during my atheism. When I translated the symbolic significance of this book I found it clearly represented my mental illness. I’d definitely become schizophrenic like my dad without psychotherapy. I needed a long therapy. When I saw that God was saving me through symbolic messages in my literature and in my fantasies, I really believed in God’s sanctity. I dropped down on my knees, understanding I was receiving divine grace.

Confrontation with the atheistic world

However, my excitement disappeared when God said I needed to prove His existence to the atheistic world. I understood very well all the standards used by atheists so as to condemn religiosity. I was afraid of this public rejection. Nobody likes to see faith mixed with science in our historic moment. I hated to have to prove to the world that God exists and God sends us wise messages in dreams. I preferred to be just a scientist such as Carl Jung, since I needed to continue his job.

However, my position wasn’t so important. In the long run I knew that I should not care about the public opinion. I’d simply be against the atheistic and dumb world. I had to disagree with the whole world after finding the satanic source on the individual conscience and the unconscious sanctity. I lasted Jung’s research with a spiritual attitude and by precisely minding the subconscious mind.

Subconscious mind Power

Jung concluded that the subconscious mind was a fantastic counselor for the human being, but we have to decide what to do based on our conscience. I found that our conscience is one-sided and under-developed. We easily become neurotic because we’re absurd from birth, and we are inclined to become crazier with time. I also saw the subconscious mind has a saintly character. So, I concluded that we have to be afraid of our own conscience, which can be dumb.

We must do just what the wise and saintly subconscious mind reveals us in our fantasies. Our own dreams provide us with a trustful source of genuine understanding. You may simply verify this truth on your own.

Significance of dreams

Now that the fantasy language can easily be understood by anyone, you can have a direct communication with God by imitating the meaning of your dreams. God speaks through dreams so as to save your sanity and allow you to evolve. Many ancient civilizations that respected the significance of the dream warnings such as the Native Americans had discovered this reality. However, the atheistic and materialistic mindset or the present civilization keeps you from giving significance to the significance of dreams.

Many distortions created by many false dream interpreters also made you feel that it is impossible to know for certain the meaning of a dream. Fortunately, my work provides you very clear responses. First of all, my job shows you the real value of Carl Jung’s discoveries. You simply need to study the fantasy language based on my energetic process of immediate translation from pictures into words, which is derived from Carl Jung’s method. I organized and explained everything for you. You’ll verify by yourself the subconscious answers are based on intellect. You’ll also verify that the fantasy translations based on the scientific method are accurate because they allow you to understand things that you simply ignored. The unconscious words reveal you the facts about your reality.

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