Do Hormones Cause Depression In Teens?

is something that may be said to quite common among people around the world and in just about any circumstance, and depression can appear and manifest inside the body in several forms. Now teenagers, or depression in adolescents, is something which may occur quite commonly within these pubescent beings that are going through a whole slew of physical and hormonal alterations.


The problem here is that while some teenagers have the ability to deal with these natural functions of developing, some others may not be able to cope so well and they reveal their inability to deal with things like depression. When one individual is going through , there are hormonal changes that occur within the human body and the damn thing is that hormones have a lot to do with the psychological subsystems within the body.

Hormonal change

When you’re growing up or undergoing puberty, there’s a surge in the amount of female or male hormones which are circulating around the body and this is because your body is trying to trigger the biological causes within the body to begin some growth spurt and permit areas inside the body to grow and develop that mark you as male or female. Now when you’re a male, the amount of in your body increases and this is to really activate procedures like synthesis and of male particular organs and other bodily functions. Your Adams apple will protrude, the voice box will deepen, protein synthesis will make certain that your muscularity develops and your mass and elevation will also be impacted.

For the female, the which we’re discussing here is oestrogen and it does exactly the very same functions as testosterone, but only affects different regions of the body. Now, with any biological processes as well as the countless possible genetic combinations on the market, there are bound to be and levels of side effects in people that are experiencing puberty. One of them is they are not able to deal with their major physical alterations and they may encounter things like , which may lead them to be depressed in their physical appearance.

Also, hormones at this level may also incur emotions to go up and down like tidal waves, and they may be out of control of the teens to manage. Due to these emotions and feelings of being secreted from other ordinary people, they may slip into depression that’s common to teenagers. Don’t be alarmed if you see your adolescent showing the symptoms of depression, for even an elongated period.


Their body is attempting to get used to the high degree of hormones and the gigantic changes they’re experiencing. Be concerned if they become a complete introvert and there’s a drastic character change within themselves. Then the problem may be more than just the normal hormonal issue. If you’re worried, approach a psychologist, who may have the ability to help you to rate your adolescent and make the recommendations. MindMatters Practice provides support services for children and young adults. They also give an IQ Testing for kids.


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