Do Essential Minerals Prevent Acne?

Like vitamins, minerals are found in the food we eat, but unlike vitamins that may be made by plants or any animals, minerals come from the soil where crops are grown. This implies that if there wasn’t enough of a mineral in the soil, the plants and animals including humans will have a lack of that mineral.

Essential minerals

Generally it’s much better to get your nutrition from the food you consume. However in the case of essential minerals you may need to take into account a supplement to be certain that you have the minerals you need for clear skin. Zinc is a vital mineral it’s used for several processes in the body such as hormone stimulation, regulating the oil producing glands, recovery and fighting inflammation. It’s easy to see why zinc would be required by anyone suffering from acne because this mineral is vital for the proper regulation of lots of the procedures that can trigger acne.

As is true with most things on your body Zinc doesn’t work alone. So it is better if you get your zinc from organic sources like egg yolk, fish, sunflower seeds and whole grains. Minerals obtained from organic sources have several different substances essential for the body to utilize that nutrient. Apart from fish the other organic sources of zinc may be impacted by a deficiency of zinc in the soil where they were increased.

Unfortunately many soils across the world including regions of america are deficient in zinc, which means you might have to take a zinc supplement. Studies have shown that when taken together with vitamins A & E, selenium reduces the severity of acne breakouts. Selenium is found naturally in grains, mushrooms, garlic,oranges, nuts, poultry and shellfish.


Acne has many causes. High glucose levels are one potential cause and may activate the production of excess sebum. This extra oil is proven to lead to acne breakouts. Chromium a trace component is used by the body to control glucose levels. Chromium can be found naturally in molasses, brewers yeast, liver, eggs and beef. As it’s a trace element there’s usually sufficient in these natural foods to satisfy your bodies needs. However the more sugar you eat the more chromium you require.

Acne can be caused by many different different causes, but I believe you will agree that the minerals over are required to assist with several of the probable causes of acne breakouts. They aren’t a quick fix and the benefits of including them in you diet is going to take a couple weeks before you find the results. Making certain you do get enough of those nutrient is vital in the long term prevention of acne breakouts.


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