Can you give Freedom to your Mind, Body, and Spirit?

There’s a specific way of thinking that we fall back into in regards to a lot of subjects. Though there might be similarities, each person entertains their own set of idea worlds that prevent or restrict us in experiencing the things we need.

Galaxies of ideas

They’re like galaxies of ideas. When we are caught up in a specific train of thought we’re perpetuating certain realities. Countless thoughts about baseball or sex or relationships or the concept of lack as an instance, make these worlds of ideas for you. Form is first believed, nothing exists without having first been thought.

Someone with countless millions of thoughts about baseball is much more connected to baseball than say somebody who knows about baseball but pays very little attention to it and can not hold a great deal of conversation about it. The thought a man on the moon at the end of the decade as spoken by John F Kennedy attracted worlds of ideas eventually materializing to what was necessary to make it appear in physical reality.

Each individual creates their exclusive interests in worlds of ideas and when these worlds are considered a universe of ideas come to life. Everything is a consideration before it’s manifested into the look of form. Your first idea of going to Hawaii for a holiday is real. The minute you create it, it is. It’s as little form as may be, but the more form you give to it and find out the many ways you can increase and magnify those ideas you progress the materialization of it into reality.

But there are worlds of thought which manifest worlds of this lack of everything you want. Crazy perhaps but that is what we do because we don’t realize how worlds are made.


The mind-body-soul is a condition that thrives in the absolute liberty to intentionally decide to consider upon as it wishes. This may be a universe of thoughts feeding life into the subtle quiet voice in the background saying ‘she will never want me’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m not smart enough’ or ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’ll not have the breakthrough I’m searching for’. The more time you try getting whatever that you want to occur, but also build the thought world about it saying it isn’t likely to happen, you deny yourself of everything you want.

Whether you’re a golfer, a salesman or just looking for a date, it is all the exact same creation procedure. Before notions attract enough of the likeness of different thoughts, it’s energy first. And before energy it’s intention. Realize that the words you’re reading or those we use to talk with one another are simply pointers. It never comprises the most pure energy ideas since it’s never being spoken nor listened to the opposite side. But for now, it’s pretty much all we have got. Movies, plays, music, artwork, poetry tend to be far better communication means but far from a universal common language. Words only help us in pointing to was emotions we’re feeling.


They’re easy labels we use to explain something. And I am using words in an effort to acquire new ideas across. It will have a great willingness on your part to consider these thoughts, or not. When you are ‘wanting’ to experience love or calmness, it’s the feeling you’re really asking for. And backing up one measure, is the ‘understanding’ of the experience. When you’re ‘understanding’ the experience of being loved, or feeling at peace, you’re experiencing it, you feel it. When you understand precisely what you would like and upon which you give your total of attention, you trigger that world, you bring it alive. You’re not questioning whether you are feeling it, you’re. If you’ve got a propensity to believe ‘you can not’ have what you want, that belief or a universe of billions of ideas is all you want to give up. It’s a world compared to the world you would like. They can’t both live in exactly the exact same place at precisely the exact same time, the dominant world will prevail. Your choice rules daily.

The worlds you would like already exists for you, you’ve spent much time creating them. If you ponder on what has been covered so far, and determine what idea worlds you’ve grown, you will find that you just have to give up the normally unexamined means of believing you are. To believe that the background idea, ‘you can’t have this or that’, does not have any effect on what’s showing up or not showing up on your own life, in this day and age is naive. When you notice one of your patterns of normal thought worlds such as, ‘this is not going to happen’ or ‘it is going to turn out like it always does’, etc., intentionally be the master of the automatic tendency. What you’ve envisioned and place together in worlds of countless ideas, sits there waiting, you need to only relax and let. Shout out in that denying train of thought ‘I will have no more of you’ and feed it no more attention. Deliberately keep reaching for the feelings of the worlds you’ve already created. Keep acknowledging your worlds are blossoming more daily.

In the start of this learning procedure or coming aware procedure, do as much as possible to reside in happiness and pleasure. This is a cleansing requirement of liberty and no immunity. I would advise you to read everything you can about the law of attraction.

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