Can Stress Trigger Acne Breakouts?

You have a big meeting in two days. You’ve worked on your demonstration for more than a month and it is your one shot for the big thing. But what’s this? An acne breakout? Pimples? A sprinkling of whiteheads? What’s happening? You eat right, wash your face frequently with men’s skincare products and use acne treatment solutions.


How could this happen to you? You want to get an acne free, polished and professional look to work your magic! Strange as it might sound, your anxiety level may be aggravating the acne breakout. Once considered fiction, medical research has only begun affirming the connection between anxiety and men’s acne is a truth. According to some 2007 study reported on WebMD, teens experiencing high stress levels (think exam time), were 23 percent more likely to have an acne breakout than in non-stressful times.

German researchers at the Free University in Berlin reaffirmed this in a study on adults, finding that subjects experiencing stressful conditions had significantly more acne breakouts than those who did not. A new area of study has been made to explore the connection between the mind and skin conditions. It’s Named Psychodermatology. Studying the effect of psychological stress on the skin, these researchers consider a wide variety of skin disorders, such as psoriasis, hives, baldness, rosacea, psoriasis – and needless to say, acne breakouts.

What’s the connection?

Scientists are still debating whether anxiety officially causes acne blemish breakouts, or just aggravates existing acne by provoking breakouts. One reason acne might be caused in a stressful situation is that the domino effect of the body’s’fight or flight’ reaction. It causes the body to up its production of male hormones, leading to a greater production of sebum (the oily substance that lubricates skin).

Increased sebum production means fatty skin – and – oily skin means clogged pores and acne breakouts. If you believe this mind-body link is all bunk, what about stress-induced migraines and nausea? Suddenly the idea of’acne born of anxiety’ is not so farfetched after all. Stress also hinders the healing procedure for men’s skin. Over time, stress has been shown to weaken the immune system, inducing men’s skin to take considerably more time to fix acne stressed skin. Frequent bouts of acne may also result in reduced self-esteem and a stressed-out mentality, furthering the vicious cycle of stress and acne.

Even if you don’t suffer with stress-related acne, anxiety can still do a number on your physical appearance. When you are stressed, you sleep . Sleep deprivation dehydrates skin, preventing men’s skin tissues from replenishing themselves. Besides a fatigued look, men’s skin will sag and dark under-eye circles will look. If you are like most busy, stressed out guys, you do not always have enough opportunity to prepare helpful foods and are not getting enough antioxidants in your diet. Antioxidants are known for their capacity to enhance overall skin quality, so taking Advacned Antioxidants nutritional supplement might help contribute to acne stressed skin remedy and also the prevention of acne outbreaks.


Stress also wreaks havoc on a person’s diet by increasing hunger levels, especially cravings for high fat, carbohydrate rich’comfort foods’ which are lacking in sufficient nutrients and vitamins. Besides making you sluggish, comfort foods will cause you to pack on the pounds, an extra source of stress. If you have been eating a lot of fattening foods, take Advanced CLA Supplement Formula to boost your metabolism and change your excess fat into energy. Whether stress causes acne, or acne causes anxiety, it is important for men to address both the physical and psychological elements of stress related acne. Treat acne- prone skin with a clinically developed, pharmaceutical-grade acne remedy such as the MenScience Acne Treatment System to lastingly eliminate acne. Using the gentle MenScience Daily Face Wash cleaner, the acne-fighting, clarifying MenScience Advanced Face Tonic and treated MenScience Acne Therapy Lotion can dramatically reduce men’s acne breakouts- with or without anxiety.


Following a fantastic regimen, getting sufficient rest and engaging in moderate exercise can enable you to confront the head honchos effortlessly – without looking like you are a pubescent, acne faced teenager who can not handle stress.


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