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Why To Eat Vitamins?

Although you hear the words “vitamins and minerals” tossed around like a baseball at the World Series, you may not really realize how important they are to you. Worse still, you might not know how dangerous a vitamin deficiency is to your health. There are certain vitamins and minerals your body needs, the majority of which you can received by eating a balanced diet.

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However, should you not eat correctly, you might require a supplement to satisfy your recommended daily allowance. To obtain and maintain optimum health, and have a body that works properly, you need to consume the correct amount of vitamins and minerals every day. The body is not a complex system, but it depends on you to look after it so it can care for you. It’s your job to learn how to do this and then follow through with the knowledge you’re given.

There are certain vitamins and nutritional supplements you must consume daily, and should you not eat them by a nutritious diet, you must nutritional supplements. There are many vitamins and minerals available for you to choose from, and this may make your head spin. This is easily solved, however, as your body needs certain vitamins and minerals over others.


These vitamins are the most important and are what you need to focus on for optimum health. Vitamin A benefits you in several ways, supporting your immune system and improving your eyesight. Additionally, it aids in the growth and maintenance of skincells and bones. The recommended daily allowance for women is 800 mg, while men should take 1,000 micrograms. The members of the vitamin B family is huge and contains B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. Each plays a different role in your wellbeing.

B1 stabilizes your desire. Men ought to take 1.5 mg per day while women need 1.1 mg. B2 energizes your metabolism and promotes healthy skin. Women need 1.3 mg daily while guys require 1.7 mg. Your body generates B3, but you might require more. The advantages of this vitamin include a healthy digestive system, a better nervous system, healthy skin and an improvement on your metabolism.


Men need about 19 mg through nutritional supplement while girls should have an estimated 15 mg. Vitamin B6 does wonders for people who have problems thinking clearly, helps encourage hormone action and after more affirms your immune system. Men ought to take 2 mg daily and women will need to target for 1.6. Finally, B12 is beneficial for the immune system, metabolism and bone development. Men, aim for 200 mg every day, and girls you want 180 mg. Vitamin C is another Vitamin in your journey to optimum health. Not only is it a terrific preventative measure for disease and disease, but it helps form scar tissue and strengthens blood vessels.

Both women and men should consume 60 mg daily, but no longer than that. Vitamin D is a catchy vitamin to manage. Sunlight may provide you enough of the vitamin, but you may want a supplement however long you spent outside. The only way to know is by having your physician perform a blood test to check your levels. If you will need a nutritional supplement, the recommended daily allowance for the two genders is 5 mg each day. This vitamin offers many advantages including maintaining organs like your pancreas, muscles, skin and reproductive organs.

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Additionally, it keeps your immune system and keeps your mind function. Vitamin E is amazing, helping protect your lungs from pollutants in the atmosphere. Additionally, it can help heal wounds and aids in giving you healthy skin. You may receive all of the vitamins you need by eating a balanced diet. Here are a few of the foods you can eat that contain all of the above vitamins: milk, yogurt, spinach, liver, peanuts, legumes, leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, carrots, whole grain breads and cereals, fish, poultry, oats, tomatoes, fortified soy products, fish, strawberries, kiwis, oranges, green and red peppers, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanut butter, cabbage and broccoli.

Whole foods are always the best choose to get your nutrients. But meal replacement shakes are a sure way of getting all of the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein you require. Two or 3 shakes a day can give your body 100 percent of all of the nutrients in needs to operate properly. These shakes are fast and easy to create, you can carry them with you, and makes a fantastic snack to curb your appetite. You may feel overwhelmed, thinking you need to purchase all these Vitamin supplements separately. This is not true. You may buy a multivitamin containing all these vitamins provided it clearly says “100 percent of the recommended daily allowance”

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You also don’t need to get the most expensive brand on the shelf. This is only a marketing ploy from the companies. The generic brands are equally powerful. Sometimes, the store brands are made by the same maker as the brand name products. Your health is nothing to take for granted. The sooner you understand how to look after yourself, and the earlier you apply this information to your own life, the sooner you will be glad you took this advice to heart.