Giovane donna che mostra il suo viso con acne e nei, labbra secche. Ragazza adolescente senza trucco con macchie rosse sul mento. Problema di salute, malattie della pelle.

Cosa scatena l'acne nelle donne?

Most of the medicines that can be found on the market to treat are only temporary solutions to the acne. These medications don’t work affectively on the principal cause of acne from where this issue becomes generated. This is why the majority of the people don’t believe on these medications because when they quit taking pills that the acne comes back they have to deal with the trouble.

Buono a sapersi

What people need from such medications is your permanent relief. For this the medications manufacturer must do a study so that they can find one permanent solution to solve this situation. To locate the permanent solution you has to know that what the true cause of the acne is. Usually it’s that acne happens when a body carries more toxics that the e l'intestino possono rimuovere insieme.

Kidneys and intestines are the only two body organs that help in removing the waste in the body that’s also named as poisonous. When the of toxic exceeds and eliminates the range of kidneys as well as of the intestines then he acne originates. These toxics could be anything but in many cases it’s the accumulation of the stored fat compounds that even can’t wash out. This is among the most frequent reasons but there might be many more like difficulty concerning the fat , .

Oltre a questi, il cibo as well as the accumulation of body generated hormones could be another factors. All these factors may appear different but they have a exact same effect on a and that’s the acne. This is required to stop the manufacturing or control the production growth of those toxics because even when they get overloaded then they might not enable the kidneys and the bowels do their work correctly. The primary and the principal purpose, which liver is famous for, that is to metabolize and convert the additional fat into the that may be used by the body when required.

Parola finale

Questo lavoro può essere svolto solo dal fegato ma in questi casi anche il fegato si sovraccarica perché in questa fase il fegato deve svolgere la sua funzione in aggiunta al lavoro che normalmente fanno i reni. Di solito un fegato sovraccarico non può lavorare al massimo perché anche il fegato ha dei limiti. Questa condizione può sorgere in quasi tutti i corpi umani: i reni, il fegato e l'intestino non funzionano perfettamente e c'è la possibilità che la persona colpita non ne sia consapevole. In questa fase l'intero carico di lavoro si sposta nei polmoni e riguarda anche il e solo a causa di questo la pelle riceve breakout e si verifica l'acne.