Aceto di sidro di mele con la madre, il lievito e i batteri sani, circondati da mele fresche. L'aceto di sidro di mele è stato a lungo usato in naturopatia per trattare cose come il diabete e il colesterolo alto.

Cos'è il fungo del dito?

A swollen finger is embarrassing. It is better to prevent finger infections than to try to eliminate them. To avoid any type of finger infection, it is important to keep your fingers clean and hygienic. One of the best ways to maintain hygiene is to use hand hygiene sprays once in a while. Finger infections can be prevented by washing your hands frequently.


Fingers are a marvellous creation. Fingers can do complex tasks easily. Fingers play an important role in our daily activities. It is crucial to protect them from any kind of infection. Finger fungus, one of many finger infections, is the most painful. Finger fungus begins with a nail infection. This is when fungal organisms make their home in the nail bed. The nail becomes thicker and more crumbling as the fungus grows.

Finger fungus, or any other form of finger infection, raises questions about your personal hygiene. Finger fungus is a sign of poor hygiene. The best way to prevent fingers from getting infected or contracting fungi is to keep them clean and dry at all times. This infection is most common in people who work in water or moisture, such as sailors or miners.


To prevent finger infections, it is important to keep your fingers clean. A finger infection can be treated with simple home remedies and medicine. However, this does not mean that they are less important. Sharing nail clippers or nail enamels can spread the infection. Although there are many medications that can be used to treat an infected nail, it can take a lot of time. One of the best ways to treat finger fungus is to keep your hands clean, dry, and in sunlight.

Fungus grows in the dark so if your fingers are exposed to light, the fungi can be less likely to multiply. For fungi-infected fingers, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (or apple cider vinegar) is a good dip. You can also apply tropical creams to the affected area. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends the use of tropical creams. A doctor should inspect your fingers if the fungus remains active after a few weeks. A fungus-infected finger should be treated with care.