Funghi Candida, Trichomonascus, o Candida ciferrii, C. auris, C. albicans e altri lieviti patogeni umani, illustrazione 3D

Cos'è l'infezione sistemica del lievito?

Systemic Yeast Infection – Candida Gone Rogue! Yeast or Candida infections are now quite a common term nowadays. But what’s a systemic yeast infection? Well, as the name suggests in affects your whole system. Systemic Candida attacks the entire body in various ways, always using a weakened immune system and […]

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Come sostenere il tuo sistema immunitario?

Your physical body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself. The inherent capacity of your own body to safeguard you from invaders such as germs, viruses, and parasites could be enhanced or made poorer. If you don’t eat well, are under persistent pressure, reside in negative thought processes and feelings, […]

Foglie di tè su un cucchiaio

Does Green Tea Boost The Immune System?

Green tea antioxidants are thought to be hundred times more powerful than vitamin E. Precisely for this reason it’s quite popular today among health conscious community. Once you find the herb from health viewpoint, maybe you should think about taking it in extract form rather than to take as a […]

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Conoscevi questi potenziatori dell'immunità?

The immune system is your body’s defense system. It’s the body’s shield against harmful germs and diseases. It’s a complex system composed of special cells and tissues-mostly white blood cells and lymph nodes-that are constantly on the alert for danger, always ready to fight off disease. With some assistance from […]

Scatto di due belle giovani donne d'affari che si rilassano un momento mentre bevono il caffè in ufficio.

Come essere efficacemente con un'altra persona?

Un amico mi ha chiesto l'altro giorno: "Non è strano che dobbiamo andare da un consulente o un terapeuta per parlare dei nostri problemi? Questa domanda innocente, alla quale non si pensa quasi più una volta che sei stato psicoterapeuta per tanto tempo come me, mi ha fatto pensare. Un tempo la gente parlava tra di loro [...]