Young day dreaming, pensive and sad looking young woman standing alone outdoors close to river in sunset twilight. Thinking, looking to the horizon. Real People Youth Culture Lifestyle Portrait.

Can You recognize Depression in Teens?

It’s important for parents to have the ability to recognize the signs of teen depression. It’s normal for young people in this phase of life to feel unsure of themselves to have mood changes and to experience bouts of despair. However, if a teenager’s condition of mind interferes with his […]

Perché hai bisogno di amare te stesso?

L'amore per se stessi è qualcosa che sentiamo abbastanza frequentemente al giorno d'oggi, ma cosa significa veramente? Per molte persone porta alla mente ricordi d'infanzia in cui ci veniva detto che eravamo presuntuosi o egoisti. Sfortunatamente, anche se invisibilmente in quel momento, questi sentimenti che ci venivano dati in quel momento erano errati, e [...]

What is the Spirit of Yoga?

The word yoga means to unite, to join together or to incorporate. The system called Yoga is an essential component of the classical systems of Indian Philosophy, all of which stem from the early and deep Vedic teachings that are deemed to have their source in antiquity. Its given name […]