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Cosa provoca l'emicrania?

I want to thank you for reading this article. This substance has been carefully researched and tested for your benefit. Headaches of any kind are extremely distressing for the sufferer. Headaches such as migraines can cause more than just headaches. These problems include nausea, light sensitivity, and throbbing pains in […]

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La mia emicrania non è un'emicrania?

Many of us are familiar enough with migraines to feel comfortable with self-diagnosis. If it sounds like a migraine to us, it is probably a migraine. This is not always a safe assumption. Your headache may be secondary to another medical condition that needs attention. If you are currently receiving […]

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Come prevenire il mal di testa?

Are cluster headaches, tension headaches and migraines caused by stress? Take a look at the last time you had a severe headache. You had a deadline and you worked non-stop to meet it. You might have received bad news that you didn’t expect. Your children are just being themselves. This […]


Quali sono i tipi di mal di testa?

It can be difficult to determine which type of headache someone is experiencing. There are five types of headaches: tension headache, cluster headache, rebound tension headache, sinus headache and tension headache. The right treatment can be given if one can identify the type of headache they are experiencing. A 2004 […]

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Come eliminare il mal di testa?

Come liberarsi dal mal di testa! Lo sapevate? Prima di risolvere un problema è necessario individuarne la causa principale. Immaginate che la vostra auto emetta improvvisamente un suono terribile. Questo è il modo in cui il meccanico vi dice che state soffrendo. Il meccanico deve esaminare il veicolo [...]


L'aspartame è la causa del mio mal di testa?

L'aspartame è un fattore scatenante noto per l'emicrania in qualsiasi istituzione medica con un sito web online, come Mayo Clinic o MedicineNet. L'aspartame, un dolcificante artificiale, si trova in Nutrasweet, Equal e nelle cole dietetiche. Si trova anche in più di mille prodotti alimentari, vitamine e gomme da masticare. [...]


Come nasce il mal di testa?

Sometimes, you feel like you can just know when it’s coming. Then you can try preventative measures to avoid as much pain and suffering as possible. How does a migraine begin? Unfortunately, it is not known what causes migraines. We know the symptoms. We also know that a migraine can […]