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Sapevi questo sulla tossicità chimica nei trattamenti per l'acne?

Acne treatments can have an assortment of chemical ingredients as preservatives, stabilizers, and artificial fragrances. Despite the company’s claims, these substances might not be 100% secure. Long-term use of these chemical ingredients can lead to continuous low grade irritation, dehydration, and accelerated aging of the skin. Let’s start Unfortunately, lack […]

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What Is Cosmetic Allergy?

The American Academy of Dermatology has shown that on the average, adult Americans use at least seven different cosmetic or cosmetics products daily. The thing is that products such as shampoos, colognes, deodorants, lotions and other cosmetics have become part of people’s daily personal routines and they’re considered necessities nowadays. […]

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Come evitare l'eruzione cutanea?

Tra le forme più comuni di dermatite da contatto c'è quella che si ottiene indossando gioielli. Alcuni gioielli comprendono sostanze che possono essere dure per la pelle. Il nichel, per esempio, può causare eruzioni cutanee che appaiono rossastre, squamose e molto fastidiose. Tali eruzioni cutanee possono apparire sul collo, il [...]

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How To Avoid Balanoposthitis?

A red penis can be a funny thing: when it looks like a healthy reddish glow, it indicates a member that’s at a high-functioning state. However, once the redness is similar to an inflammation, it might just be a indication of a penis health problem. For men that are intact, […]

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Flaky, Dry Penis Skin?

The look of flaky, dry skin is understandably upsetting to many men. In the first place, dryness may result in considerable distress, and it can cause sex or self-gratification debilitating. In the next place, it may be a source of embarrassment – what guy would like to show himself to […]