Giovane uomo con problemi d'asma che tossisce pesantemente coprendo la bocca e tenendo la mano sul petto.

L'allergia è la causa della tua tosse cronica?

Cough is common, and will linger, a cough is definitely an annoying, embarrassing symptom, It really is probably the most common reasons to visit a lung specialist, There’s a good amount of confusing medical literature available, the majority of it on the web; far this season a recently available search found a lot more than 300 articles linked to chronic cough published so, and that is only the end of the iceberg.

Lo sapevi?

This rapid ventilation creates shearing forces that move secretions and out up, but unwanted side effects, such as for example rib fractures, Why is a cough chronic? There are various clues to the reason for a cough which a medical doctor can review with you. Generally a carefully taken health history and physical exam shall identify many major concerns, such as for example allergy or asthma, contact with inhaled toxins, or medicines recognized to cause cough. Smoking is needless to say an irritant; while some aren’t bothered because of it.

The timing, history and nature of the cough are essential to review, alongside associated respiratory findings and symptoms on physical exam, such as for example abnormal breath sounds. Chest tests and x-ray of lung function are helpful in the detection of unexpected or subtle abnormalities, such as for example airflow obstruction indicating COPD or asthma. Circumstances of airway hyper-responsiveness develops although infection itself has resolved even. Anti-inflammatory medicines frequently, such as for example those useful for asthma, all should be treated, or resolution will not occur.

Generally, rare or life threatening causes are eliminated and common causes easily, such as for example asthma, allergic drainage and acid reflux disorder, Resolution and patient satisfaction be determined by a systematic evaluation and adequate amount of therapy heavily, an excellent working relationship together with your Physician is key thus.