Modello di colon con diverse malattie nelle mani dei medici. Tumore al colon ingrandito in una lente d'ingrandimento

Come trattare la diverticolite, la flatulenza e i dolori da gas?

Can we be personal for a short moment? You want to discuss an especially grievous condition that plagues thousands of people inside our culture from midlife onwards. This is a condition regarded as culture-specific, creating sacs for digested matter to get and fester. When these sacs are had by you you’re thought to have diverticulosis.


When diverticula become inflamed and infected, the condition is named diverticulitis, an extremely dangerous situation. It’s the potent force of the pressure that triggers the sacs to create. Knowing what can cause the increased pressure, this didn’t help the problem, either. And in the lack of knowing the reason, medicine can provide treatment with drugs merely, antibiotics for the infections, and surgery for nasty particularly, abscessed pockets.

For prevention, the existing suggestion fiber would be to eat more, making th bowels frequently have to eliminate more. Of course, to the pressures of working minus the selection of taking needed potty breaks, Needless to say, In the end, among the simplest methods to increase colon pressure would be to close the rectal sphincter as the intestine is contracting. Or it might have already been while driving, and an escape stop or service station was found nowhere. If there is a convenient restroom even, some social folks are uncomfortable defecating in a public restroom and prefer holding it in until home.


Whatever the good reason, the truth is our culture makes personal waste management an presssing issue that’s not always easily resolved, promoting procrastination than elimination rather. The full total result is increased colon pressure and diverticula formation. Along with holding in waste, there’s the greater issue of holding in gas even. The technical term because of this is retention flatus. It’s what many people are trained to accomplish in public areas, from college days onward. This is the reason diverticulitis is more frequent among professional, than on the list of poor of under-developed countries.

The bigger your status, Either pass wind or up have your intestine blow. The decision is yours. You can now understand why medicine says the reason for diverticulitis is unknown. preventing its honest and unbiased consideration. Interestingly, lancet, in 1975. This article is entitled, “Flatus retention may be the major element in diverticular disease”. For individuals who have problems with diverticulitis or diverticulosis, it is possible to perform your personal self study.


Nei prossimi 90 giorni, notate il modo in cui avete spesso l'impulso di rimuovere, ma finite per scegliere, per una ragione o per l'altra, di portarlo dentro. Concentratevi in particolare sul vostro bisogno di passare il vento, ricordatevi di permettere al vostro sistema di realizzare ciò che vuole veramente fare. Nel caso in cui avete un partner, potreste volere che lei o lui usino questo auto studio simultaneamente.