ingrediente alimentare assortito

Come superare le allergie alimentari?

Everyone people love to eat various food items ranging from fried, grilled, toasted, deep fried, etc.. Is your mouth watering when I discuss food items? What is food allergy? It’s the immunologic effect that’s due to the occurrence of food proteins. A simple search in any of the famous search engines will provide you a list of materials and books which details about food allergy.


I recently came across a book titled ? 5 Years without Food: The Food Allergy Survival Guide: How to Overcome Your Food Allergies and Recover Good Healthy. ? An intriguing book that explains what is food allergy and food items which would lead to allergy. If you’re allergic towards a specific food item, it does not mean you’ll need to forfeit the nutrition that you would have obtained, am I rite? You also get to comprehend the food items which may be taken as a supplement or as an alternate.

Additionally, it describes few remedies associated with food allergy. Don’t forget to read the publication. Apart from the tips provided in the book, I also have recorded some, which would help readers that are vulnerable to food allergy. Generally speaking, food items like shellfish, fish, soya, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts can cause allergy in adults. Does it mean kids aren’t allergic towards food items? Milk, eggs, peanuts have been known to make allergies in children. It’s always recommended to be educated about the food thing that are allergic to you.


A person who’s allergic towards egg is believed to be hypersensitive towards nutritional substances derived from eggs like the white of egg, albumin, Globulin, eggnog, etc.. This might cause overreaction of the immune system. It’s advisable to steer clear of food items made with egg if you’re allergic towards egg. However, you don’t need to worry about not eating egg. Many subsititutes for egg can be found on the industry today, including potato starch, tapioca, etc., and you may use them with no trouble. You can even use apple sauce instead to egg.

Tree nuts

What’s tree nut allergy? Hypersensitive towards tree nuts is reported to be called as tree nut allergy. Don’t confuse yourself with tree nuts and peanuts allergy. Both are different. Dry fruits are thought to be tree nuts where as peanuts are legumes. Children are vulnerable to nut allergies than adults. You can use soy nuts instead of an alternative to tree nuts. If you’re of the opinion that soy nut is a nut, then I want to clarify a point here. It’s not a nut, but really soybean which goes through the process of soaking, which is then baked to find the crispy soy nut.

Milk substances

Are you allergic towards proteins which are found in cow’s milk? If yes, you’re allergic towards milk substances. You may use rice milk or soy milk as a substitute for cow’s milk. This way you get the nutrients that you would have obtained from taking cow’s milk.


Allergy generated by the consumption of food items like scaly fishes, crustaceans or shellfishes is termed as allergic to fish. The simplest way is to steer clear of seafoods. If you use a whole lot of canned food products, make sure that they don’t contain ingredients which are made from seafood. Be picky about the food items that you eat. This might help you surmount the allergic response. Certain allergies can be treated in a brief period of timenonetheless, you can not treat specific food allergies in your whole life span.