Facepalm. Portrait of desperate brunette man with beard in white t-shirt covering face with hand, feeling sorry and blaming himself for the mistake. indoor studio shot isolated on orange background

Come affrontare il rimpianto?

You may avoid making mistakes in life if you understand how to interpret the meaning of your dreams in line with the scientific method since the subconscious mind which produces your fantasies works like a natural physician and teacher, who explains you what you should pay attention to, how it is possible to evolve and develop your intellect, and several things more, which will enlighten and protect you.


Regret is one of the worst feelings for the human being. It’s worse than hate, because we can easier forgive somebody else (although this is also too infrequent ) than forgive our own errors. Regret can lead you to depression as well as suicidal ideas, and that is the reason why you need to be very careful in life, rather than do things that will provoke suffering to other people. Later, this suffering will return to you, and it’ll get a worse aspect, as you’ll feel like a criminal. If you did something you regret having done, do not let despair destroy your life. The intelligent unconscious mind will reveal to you in your dreams the way you can fix your mistakes, however severe they were, and you’re going to start a new life.

You were affected by the anti-conscience once you accepted doing what was wrong, and you believe that you’re the only person who’s accountable for everything you did, while this isn’t correct. When the whole humanity will eventually recognize the scientifically proven truth that the individual being indispensably needs psychotherapy from the start of his life, just because he inherits a crazy side, nobody is going to be condemned on Earth.

Everyone will just pass through psychotherapy till they’ll have the ability to overcome their mental disorders, and learn how to live peacefully and happily. We’re actually primates with a small human conscience, which can be under-developed. We can simply make many mistakes in life when we do not learn how to fight from our crude wild conscience, the anti-conscience, and how to change our character, getting always more human.


Forgive yourself, because you did not really know what you were doing, because the anti-conscience was dominating you. The anti-conscience is a wild animal, like a lion. Now, envision a society of dinosaurs, living like human beings. For instance, a lion gets very angry when it’s hungry.


However, in the world it has to operate and obey its boss’ orders. So, it must wait till it finishes its work, and lunch period arrives, so that it might go home and eat. It won’t honor anything. It will prefer to shed its occupation, but eat something without delay. The same happens with us, human beings, if we are dominated by our wild side: we can’t think logically, respect others or understand the significance of our actions.