Prurito causato dall'allergia al polline degli alberi

Come scoprire la tua allergia?

Excessive exposure of the immune system to harmful substances like anger timber, smoke etc. are the key causes of allergies. There are lots of procedures an individual may discover that specific thing he or she’s battling with. This way of diagnosing your allergies aren’t usually simple but they’re quite important. You have to understand that these procedures might not always give a positive outcome.

Cosa fare?

Most times they might be used to detect an entirely different issue. And it may be annoying to wait and find their outcome. Patients usually give a sigh of relief when they find that their physician have uncovered the origin of their problems and knows how to handle it. Testing the skin; there’s a plastic device used to scratch the skin with many solutions. These alternatives may contain food, insect or even airborne particles. If an area is found to react to any of those solutions.

Then the allergist already understands the problem and the proper treatment. This responses normally manifests within 30 mins. Conduct a patch testing of skin; this accomplished by putting a patch on the individual’s shin and it’s capable of demonstrating an allergy that typically comes with delayed response. After two weeks, with the patch on the individual’s skin.

The initial reading is recorded and when there was no response, that particular part will be re-examined in a few days. Then if there was a response of any sort, the physician will discover it and run some diagnosis. Another type of diagnostic test is Spirometry; this sort of test is linked to the skin rather it assesses the quantity of air taken into the lungs of the individual. It will ascertain whether or not she has asthma and if yes, it is going to establish the seriousness of the issue. The end result will be published immediately the patient breathes to the diagnosing machine.

The allergist will commence breathing treatments and supply a prolonged care program. Conducting laboratory evaluation; in some cases, allergies can be quite tough to detect. The allergist may presume that a patient is allergic to a specific thing but can’t finish until further examination is conducted. He might diagnose the bloodstream or even the skin to determine whether there are particular issues in the body, whether it’s in the immune system is malfunctioning or if the patient is allergic to some foods.

Nota finale

The entire test can last for a few days or weeks until it can be reasoned. To select the blood only requires a consultation but the test itself may consume much time. Imagination diagnosis; at a situation whereby the issue isn’t in the skin, other areas of the body have to be examined properly especially issues that have to do with breathing. The allergist can take a better look in the nasal cavities and the lung with the support of an x-ray or via a CT scan. By reading the pictures from the scanning the allergist might have the ability to ascertain the origin of the problem and recommend the suitable solution.