Essere allergico ai pomodori e alle arance. Donna che mangia prodotti che causano un'allergia

Quanti tipi di reazioni allergiche esistono?

Allergies are very common now with practically everyone suffering from some sort of allergy or another. It’s the overreaction of the immune system to antigens like bee stings, some food, insect bites or pollen which triggers an allergy. There are various sorts of allergic reactions which manifest itself in various ways in the human body.


Allergies are usually mild with mild symptoms which go inside a couple of days of eliminating the cause of the allergen. Occasionally, you will find cases of individuals suffering from anaphylaxis that’s a life threatening condition in which there is difficulty in breathing and lack of consciousness. One kind of allergic reaction is seasonal allergic rhinitis, or hay fever. This is an allergic reaction to pollen and other microscopic substances which exist in certain times of the year.

Rinite allergica

Additionally, there are circumstances where allergic rhinitis works out to be continuing, or year round. One of the kinds of allergic reactions is allergy to insect bites, which is extremely common. Some people however won’t be conscious of their allergy to insect bites until they are stung by an insect. More often than not, it’s the second sting that triggers an allergy response while the initial sting produces only a standard sting reaction. However in case you’ve got an allergy to insect bites, the seriousness of the response varies from person to person. Allergy to latex is just another of the kinds of allergic reactions in which the man is allergic to substances made from natural latex. One of the key sources of the allergic reaction is rubber gloves while occasionally, latex that’s used in other products such as condoms and medical devices can cause a response. Mold allergy is an allergy that doesn’t have a specified season as mould and fungi grow in most weather and flourish both indoors and outside.


However some types of outdoor mold tend to flourish in greater concentrations from spring to late autumn. There are some men and women who suffer from allergies to makeup. With cosmetic allergies, you experience skin irritation due to a few ingredients in the cosmetics like fragrances and preservatives. The two kinds of allergic reactions here are irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. Some individuals are allergic to pets; in which it isn’t the pet’s fur or feathers which triggers a reaction. It’s the invisible flakes of animal skin known as cysts that causes sneezing, watery eyes and stuffy noses in some individuals. When you suffer from allergies, it means that some food likes peanuts and jalapeños trigger an allergic response.