Ritratto di una ragazza adolescente felice con l'apparecchio e qualche acne che sorride a casa con il sole che entra dalla finestra

Trattamenti medici efficaci per l'acne per una pelle chiara

Should you have tried home cures and haven’t had the opportunity to successfully control your acne then it’s time to talk with your physician or perhaps a dermatologist about starting treatment for the acne. There are many options available for you as well as your doctor may help you determine which treatment option is the greatest for the skin needs and situation.

Cosa fare?

The initial option most doctors will recommend is topical antibacterials and antibiotics. Drugs in this category include erythromycin, clindamycin, sulfacetamide and azelaic acid. Another option may be the usage of Retinoids. The most famous option is Retin-A which includes been with us for awhile and will be offering a mild and gentle solution while still being effective. Two newer retinoids available during your doctor include tazarotene and adapalene. Both these medications prosper when unclogging pores however, many unwanted effects including irritation and a mild upsurge in sensitivity to sunlight.

La luce del sole?

However, it is possible to still use the products on sunny days as as you utilize proper protection long. If topical products aren’t effective your physician may recommend trying oral antibiotics. Typically a health care provider begins with tetracycline or perhaps a similar product such as for example minocycline and doxycycline. Other drugs which have been proven ideal for acne treatment include cefadroxil, sulfa and amoxicillin drugs.

Some allergies can occur with one of these drugs such as for example gastrointestinal increased and upset sensitivity to sunlight. Doxycycline may also cause esophagitis that is a worsening of the esophagus that triggers discomfort when swallowing and an elevated potential for sunburn. Even though many are worried about taking oral antibiotics for extended periods of time there is absolutely no threat of a weakened disease fighting capability from taking antibiotics orally for months or longer. You won’t be more vunerable to infections or struggling to use other antibiotics when necessary because you’re taking antibiotics for the acne.

L'unico rischio reale dall'uso di antibiotici a lungo termine era all'interno di studi recenti sul cancro al seno, ma ulteriori studi sono ancora essenziali. Per i casi gravi di acne o cicatrici i trattamenti di luce laser potrebbero essere una grande opzione allora. In tempi moderni i rapporti mostrano un buon successo con laser e dispositivi simili per prendersi cura dell'acne da soli o insieme a coloranti fotosensibilizzanti. Questi trattamenti sono diventati efficaci e sicuri, anche se non si sa ancora quanto durano le conseguenze. Il trattamento laser della pelle continua ad essere considerato un'aggiunta alla terapia regolare dell'acne e non è ancora un'alternativa. C'è infine la scelta dei peeling chimici. Si possono trovare bucce superficiali con acido glicolico che sono fatte da estetiste e si possono trovare bucce chimiche più profonde che sono fatte nell'ufficio del medico.

Prendere in considerazione

However, chemical peels shall only give you modest, supportive benefits and so are not considered an alternative for regular acne treatments generally. There are plenty of procedures for acne available and something of these should help you to get gone your acne issue. However, it will always be vital that you discuss the problem together with your doctor to allow them to tell you of all unwanted effects and assist you to choose which acne treatment option will undoubtedly be best for the individual needs.