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Lo yoga combatte lo stress?

A research in England indicates that over 30 percent of girls aren’t pleased with their lives and they don’t find the significance of it. The absence of significance can cause disasters, conflicts, and lack of with other people, not much qualification skills, lack of ideals, issues when dealing with each difficulty on the way to achievement, lack of philanthropic feelings and aspiration for , egoism, avidity and greediness, limiting the freedom, cognitive and sexual degradation, destructiveness, and drug evil.

Fattore di carattere

We can defeat the art of living, only on condition we know it is subordinate to the exact laws, which are working in character, but are known from people and they’re applying them. When we have a for life we’re turning ourselves into creative and original men and women. This contributes to a of satisfaction and produces a between the human being, society and . Once we are able to do that, we’ll be much wealthier and happier and the society and nature will reveal its treasures and secrets.

La ricerca americana mostra che è un eccellente strumento utilizzato per resistere allo stress. Gli scienziati hanno confrontato gli esercizi di yoga con la tipica camminata di routine. È stato determinato che gli individui che praticano esercizi di yoga sono di buon umore e non sono così ansiosi. Questo studio ha analizzato 19 individui, che sono andati per questo programma collegato con esercizi di yoga e altri 15 individui, che sono andati al programma associato con la camminata quotidiana.

I partecipanti delle due classi hanno preso 1 ora ogni giorno in un arco di 12 settimane per il loro programma e sono stati sottoposti a diversi test che analizzavano la loro ansia e il loro umore. Oltre a questo, gli scienziati hanno utilizzato la risonanza magnetica nucleare per analizzare il grado dei composti chimici e degli acidi gamma all'interno del nostro cervello.


This is a neurotransmitter that’s relaxing the activity, decreasing the stress and results in the state of . The participants, who had been doing yoga exercises, demonstrated a better mood and less stress as compared with another group, who had been walking one hour per day. Yoga exercises caused the raising of the levels of the acid, which is connecting with the higher spirits as well as the .

Nowadays many people do yoga to control efficiently the stress and to handle things like . Overweight could also be brought on by stress. Actually the majority of the ailments (a study proves that it’s 90 percents of them) are brought on by stress.

Il of yoga is to take action on a regular base and to search for perfection (even when you’re not able to do the exercises properly initially, you should try for this perfection) and you’ll make it. You will notice the difference in your stress levels if you practice yoga every day. Also in case you would like to control your weight, you can practice yoga for this function also. The results are incredible.