Dottore che esegue l'agopuntura facciale su un giovane paziente maschio

L'agopuntura calma il mal di testa?

A is one universal problem suffered by thousands of people around the world. A study has proved that about a lot more than 45 million people in the usa have problems with chronic and unfortunately, 28 million people have problems with severe migraines. To worsen the scenario, about 4 % of adults have problems with headache on a regular basis.

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This can be a bad news, but this bitter because needs to be swallowed, one cannot run from this inevitable problem away. Sometimes, the headaches take this type of severe shape that folks are forced to take pain killers. However, these provide only temporary respite. Sometimes these pain relieving medications leave many unwanted effects to the patients. The treatments option referred to as has emerged as a boon to individuals who are experiencing frequent headaches.

Anche i mal di testa cronici possono essere trattati con successo con l'agopuntura senza doversi preoccupare degli effetti indesiderati. L'efficienza dell'agopuntura è tale che ha ridotto l'uso di praticamente in tutti i luoghi del mondo.


L'agopuntura è efficace dove la gestione medica fallisce. La scienza medica situata in believes that certain of the principal factors behind headache may be the blockage in the smooth flow of energy and . I trattamenti di agopuntura si concentrano principalmente sull'eliminazione di questo blocco. Può anche richiedere l'agugliatura del sito del dolore insieme ad altri canali energetici correlati. La durata e la frequenza del trattamento di agopuntura dipende dalla risposta dell'individuo verso la procedura fornita. Si può anche bere qualche tipo di formula di erbe cinesi in aggiunta al trattamento.

In case you are experiencing recurrent headache, the instruction should be accompanied by you distributed by your wellbeing care professionals. Make certain that the acupuncturist that you appoint on your own is well experienced in the field and had plenty of satisfied clients. Acupuncture could be known as a highly effective treatment modality. The procedure option needs to be put on headaches beginning with the initial of TCT.


Acupuncture can prove effective in a whole large amount of such as for example migraines, cervicogenic headache and cluster headaches. Acupuncture works towards relaxing the muscles that become tense through the times of stress really. In addition, it works towards restoring the correct of chemicals as these abnormal levels have a tendency to headache. The very best part is that suffers will get remarkable relief via the procedure of acupuncture. Make certain that the acupuncturists you appoint is well and reputed.