Giovane uomo che soffre di un forte mal di testa o emicrania seduto con un bicchiere d'acqua in cucina, ragazzo millenario sensazione di ebbrezza e dolore che tocca la testa dolorante, mattina dopo la sbornia concetto

Conosci i diversi tipi di mal di testa?

Are you one of the group of busy men and women who often wonder why you always get headaches? The first thing you will need to understand is that headaches are actually very common, particularly for men and women that are constantly on the rush. As there are so various kinds of headaches that one may encounter, determining what the origin of the pain is can be extremely tough.

Mal di testa

The most typical type of headache is that the tension headache. This is condition also covers the whiplash headache and the stiff neck headache. This sort of headache can affect both genders. It impacts busy people most as it’s caused by stress. Almost everyone will endure tension headache at some time in their lives. The cause of the headaches is probably due to muscle constriction, while some other studies have contradicting findings which make researchers think that there is more to it. Another sort of headache is migraine headache.

It has many possible triggers. For some it may be red wine, and for others it can be chocolate or too much sleep. For active people, this sort of headache can happen when they take a sudden break after a long period of extreme stress. Most often, when one begins to feel the signs of temple headache pain they’ll understand a migraine is on its way. Some medications can cure migraines, but more frequently it’s more effective to go to a very room, to lie in the dark and to sleep a bit to help alleviate the pain.

Lo sapevi?

The cluster headache is regarded as the most terrible and debilitating of all of the sort of headaches you can suffer from. Unlike migraines, the reason for cluster headache isn’t known. For many people there are obvious triggers. These may be either strong scents such as perfumes or it may be drinking alcohol. This is particularly true when a busy person is drinking too much alcohol after work, and during an episode of those painful headaches. For others it may be foods or even having a rest after a hard day of work.

These headaches come up and then disappear very quickly, so using drugs to treat it’s not overly possible if you don’t have an inhaler at hand to smooth the pain. Caffeine can be a friend to active individuals or in the worse case, their worst enemy. Those that are drinking plenty of coffee will gradually come to see the bad sides of the addiction to caffeine.


Se qualcuno cerca di abbassare il suo consumo di caffè, o manca di bere il suo caffè preferito per una certa parte della giornata, potrebbe sopportare un terribile mal di testa da astinenza di caffeina. Ironicamente, i rimedi per il mal di testa da caffeina sono popolari utilizzando la caffeina come antidolorifico in diversi farmaci da banco. Indipendentemente dal tipo o dai tipi di mal di testa di cui soffri, c'è sempre qualche tipo di sollievo dal dolore a tua disposizione. Quindi conosci bene la tua condizione e trova il tipo di trattamento ideale per il tuo aggravamento.