Donna incinta che soffre di mal di testa e nausea

Hai l'emicrania durante la gravidanza?

Understandably women desire to take care of their health insurance and be very wary of medications they take throughout their pregnancy. natural treatments or prescription medications.

What is a migraine headache?

Migraine is not any ordinary headache. This is a neurological condition relating to the arteries to the mind. The arteries in the mind dilate and constrict, causing a spasm. Women are 3 x more prone to have problems with migraines than men around. This is because of the fluctuations in hormones in the physical body, in particular the feminine hormone estrogen. For a few women their attacks are more severe, but doctors concur that migraine during pregnancy does not have any dangers to the developing baby throughout a migraine attack.

Even though some over-the-counter treatment medications are safe, nevertheless, you need to consult with your pharmacist. This includes women who have problems with migraines and so are desperate to conceive. There are particular prescription migraine medications which have been confirmed as an underlying cause of birth defects, for women battling with migraine during pregnancy, there are several non-medicinal treatments that may be tried to greatly help during an attack and stop one.

For individuals who experience migraines regularly, they’ll be all acquainted with not merely the pain of a migraine too, however the other symptoms connected with it. They’ll be aware that one triggers could cause a migraine also. These include food items, specifically, coffee, cheese, chocolate, Avoiding these triggers can decrease the occurrence of a migraine significantly. So in case a migraine has been experienced by you for the very first time during pregnancy, it is really worth keeping a diary of if you have your attacks. You might well be eating food items you’ll not eat throughout your pregnancy normally.


This change in routine could be a reason behind migraine in pregnancy plus your fluctuating hormone levels. This may be something as simple as utilizing a cold eye or compress mask to alleviate the headache. As can an awesome shower. Migraines could be due to tension, so a member of family head and neck massage to alleviate stress is another safe treatment for migraine during pregnancy. Migraines can frequently be because of dehydration in addition to low blood sugar. Getting enough rest can be important as may be the right quantity of gentle exercise while pregnant to keep all round a healthy body.