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I rimedi casalinghi trattano le emicranie?

All around the world, millions are suffering by serious migraines. Because of this, home remedies for migraines is among the most often searched for phrases on the internet. People are searching for quick relief. Among the most frequent home remedies for migraines, is through the use of pain pills.

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Lots of these people today take pain relievers such as aspirin or ibuprofen to decrease the pain. But most times this therapy isn’t the best strategy for everybody. Actually, popping pills to ease migraine discomfort might actually be creating your headaches worse. If you use analgesic medicines 10 or more days a month, the very medications you’re taking to alleviate the distress can cause your migraines to be more intense and let you have them more often. Medical executives don’t understand why it occurs, but they theorize it may be like an addiction.

The more pain-pills you are taking, the worse the distress gets. They theorize that taking pain relievers also often may switch off the body’s own pain-control mechanisms. Migraines can be caused by a number of different triggers. For many people, the food they eat could be the cause of migraines. The most normal migraine triggers are: dairy products, sweets, corn, meat, tea, coffee, and alcohol. Additionally, some people complain that monosodium glutamate ( also called MSG ), can often cause serious migraines.


È un ingrediente frequentemente usato nella cucina asiatica e cinese. Ok, quindi ora sappiamo la ragione del nostro mal di testa, quali rimedi casalinghi per l'emicrania sarebbero i migliori? Molti uomini e donne preferiscono i rimedi naturali per l'emicrania. Di solito, i trattamenti naturali (piuttosto che le alternative chimiche) sono meno tossici per il tuo corpo. Spesso, è possibile ridurre o addirittura eliminare l'emicrania regolando gli alimenti che si mangiano. Innumerevoli alimenti possono essere utilizzati sia prima che durante un mal di testa per diminuire il disagio dell'emicrania.

These foods have been proven to decrease the frequency and severity of migraines. Studies have suggested that soybeans, whole grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fish (and fish oil) reduce migraine pain for lots of men and women. In fact, by eliminating pain-relievers and integrating these foods and supplements into a standard diet, the seriousness, frequency, and duration of migraine attacks were decreased significantly.

Among the easiest home remedies for migraines is as straightforward as drinking water. Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of it. Nearly 80 percent of the people in the USA don’t drink enough water and are dehydrated to some degree. Dehydration, however mild, can cause many people to have migraines. If you think your headaches may be a result of dehydration, a couple cups of water might be just the thing to provide you with the headache pain relief you require.