Uomo serio e pensieroso seduto sul divano da solo a casa, perso nei pensieri, pensando alla soluzione di un problema, sentendosi solo, prendendo una decisione importante, avendo un problema psicologico, vista laterale

Depression And Anxiety?

Are you sad or do you know somebody who is? Have you ever suffered before and dread the return of the black cloud? Is seems to me that very little is provided of a practical nature to help people cope with their depression. When I began this research more than 30 years ago the condition was still very much regarded as a stigma.

Salute mentale

No-one wanted to admit to mental health issues. Thankfully the majority of us feel easier about admitting it to ourselves and a physician, but still want to keep it away from our boss or fellow employees. And is not it odd , when depressed we think everyone else is happy, leading a full and enjoyable life when in reality over half of the population suffers from various forms of depression.

If we would like to discover what generates most depression we do not have far to look. It’s our inner voice, that voice that provides us criticism, fear and uncertainty. I would like you to truly understand something that’s possibly the most important news you will ever get. We make our melancholy by the way we respond to the world. It’s our conclusions, our remarks that punish us feel depressed. Allow me to explain by using an example. It’s what I call The Soap Opera Mind.

This Soap Opera mentality can be seen daily on TV, where the actors take offense at an event, which was nothing to do with them in the first place, but they produce a strong opinion about it and discuss their annoyance with all and sundry. This winds up the other characters, and spreading like a disease, offers us amusement. One uncharitable remark gets exaggerated before, like Chinese Whispers, an entire imaginary world was created full of confused meanings yet decorated with opinions consented to inflame the feelings of these unfortunate to hear them. This type of thing happens each and every day.

Cosa fare?

Stop the vital remarks, begin to think that the best of people and situations. Start to use the common sense you were born with, recall your thoughts create your own emotions. Most of what we believe is inaccurate. Now opt to become the person that you would love to be instead of the person who enables any old scenario to turn them into a crying wretch. Decide now.

Then decide to apply this new knowledge this way. Understand your imagination is more powerful then your own willpower. Use your imagination to make the superb world which you deserve. I don’t mean living in a dream world, pretending you’re a millionaire spending money you do not have. I don’t mean pretending you’re a brain surgeon and applying for a job that’s way above your abilities.


What I mean is that. Imagine you’re clever, imagine you need to be a property developer, imagine you’ve enrolled in a college program. Imagine you’ve passed your exams, now see yourself getting a diploma. See all these items in detail in your imagination. Then wake up to the opportunities around you. Go and learn what college classes there are. Say to yourself that if I finish my college course I will do such and such. This is a lot more useful than saying to yourself that you won’t ever be able to do anything since you hated school, got no cash, too old, too young etc.. I hope you can see the difference. Now’s the time to start to change your life one step at a time. Plan a way into the life you dream about. Learn how to be happy. Nobody can do it for you. It’s up to you.