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Rottura? Cosa succede al tuo cuore dopo?

The days to follow after the debilitating exchange of “goodbyes” would be the most painful part after a romantic breakup. At this time, your journey to being gloomy begins. Initially, you’d glumly attempt to move forward and live your life in a disoriented state. And no matter how draggingly debilitating this could be, it’s typical to anyone who’s attempting to retrace his steps back to the former life he once led albeit the lack of the person he used to hold dear.

Broken heart

Despite of the amount of times you’ve had your heart broken, there’s absolutely no way of learning how to become immune from the pain. Even if this is the nth time, the pain would attack you just the same, owning the identical intensity and consequences you’ve experienced on your previous breakups. The sole difference lies in how you deal with it later on after the first effect. You can either conquer the pain and emerge as a stronger person, reaching a wonderful destination following an agonizing trip, or you can spiral downwards, embarking on a doomed trip culminating to a commonly recognized psychological disorder called depression.

As differentiated from despair, depression can encumber you with an extreme sort of sorrow together with negative feelings of despair, discouragement, and despair. It may stay with you for a substantial quantity of time-weeks, months, and even years. Depression can get in the way of your living a regular life, sapping your interest and preventing you from working as you normally do. If left untreated, it can cause you to lose your interest in living completely and prompt you to literally and cut off from the rest of the world.

Events like a romantic breakup could trigger it. However, differentiating between going through the usual motions of despair or going towards depression can be challenging, particularly if you’re the one concerned. But because there are noticeable psychological indications hinting at melancholy, it is possible to help assess yourself by taking note of those warning signals. You appear to have been numbed to everything.

What is happening

Each day is an exact replica of the grey somber day which preceded it. In your mind’s eye. You don’t enjoy doing the things you used to love or hanging out with your buddies. These past couple of days, you’ve always had the desire to stay alone, away from everyone else. The littlest of things always gets to you. Lately, you’ve been feeling edgy and vulnerable. At the slightest provocation, you react explosively you can’t help but notice just how embarrassing these flareups are for you. However, looking back at them with a logical mindset barely kept you from feeling apathetic. You’re spaced out.


With a continuously faltering concentration, you find it difficult to think straight, moreover, make your own conclusions. When things go wrong, you constantly feel like you’re to blame. However trivial it might be, you cannot hold back the overwhelming guilt that washes over you, which makes you feel unworthy and despicable. Realizing the situation either by yourself or through your friends’ advice barely prevented you from being overcome by guilt. You consider on how everything will be better off if you were to put a stop to it all. As ludicrous as this seems, the idea just lingers in mind and sinks deeper with every passing day.