Perché l'amore e la depressione sono legati?

Your depression is unavoidable if you love someone very much and that individual either doesn’t love you the exact same way or there aren’t many hurdles that restrict you to be together. Love really transforms you into a servant or completely overlooks you. This type of feeling is truly a disease that strikes you badly. You become weak and dependent on your beloved.

Cosa sta succedendo?

When this person doesn’t care for you, you are feeling angry and all alone. There may be several reasons for your depression if you’re in love and you enjoy none of those. On the contrary, you feel that everything is against you. Love is a really serious and problematic disease and it provokes many different diseases in the body. Most importantly, it also destroys your conscience. You actually can’t eliminate it. On the other hand, the positive part of love is to find happiness from it. If that’s the case you need to change this disorder into medicine to heal all your pains. Love is really wonderful when it’s reciprocal and the person you love is extremely pleasant, caring and ready to give you whatever you desire.

This would be the best recognition of your dreams! You can have couple of issues. You truly do not know whether this individual really loves you or not. Some times the individual also doesn’t come up to your expectations, which creates difficulties. You could also enter into a relationship which you have not dreamt of. You may feel this, because the person you love doesn’t care for you as much as you do or because their character is immature, egotistical and cryptic. This sort of person isn’t the one that you desire.

Buono a sapersi

Since you’re in love, in order to dismiss these items in good faith and hope he or she’ll change and care for you, share life with you, etc.. Actually nothing changes in accordance with your good wishes. There are ample of different instances, where love and melancholy can be correlated with one another. You truly need some guidance to address these issues, which depend upon several variables like psychological sort of both of you in addition to your life. This direction you can just seek from the messages of your own dreams, which can be made by the subconscious side of your psychic world. These messages are wise and saintly and help you realize the character of your lover.

Questi sviluppano la vostra personalità nello stesso identico modo per rendervi più sensibili e maturi. Cercando una guida nel subconscio attraverso messaggi di fantasia, la vostra felicità sarà inevitabile e duratura. I sogni sono estremamente significativi. I sogni creano messaggi importanti del lato inconscio del vostro mondo psichico che vi guida e vi protegge nella follia che ereditate nel lato selvaggio della vostra coscienza. Rimane veramente nel suo schema iniziale senza alcun cambiamento nella coscienza.

Prendere nota

Love makes you quite sensitive and irrational. You therefore make several errors, which you must avoid. The subconscious is well aware that love plays an extremely significant part in your life, so it transmits several fantasies to you with specific information about the person whom you love. The objective of this information is to protect you, keep your individual conscience living and develop it in the best possible way. When you’re in love, you will need guidance and protection to guide you, what to do.

You want this direly, as you’re depending on the behavior of a very special person for you. So, without having appropriate advice and knowledge of what to do, you are feeling very tired and weak. You get free aid and direction on your dream messages. I’ve extended my research on Carl Jung’s study of this ignored side of the individual psychic world through dream interpretation and found that the wild conscience. So I will say that the translation you can have now is much more clear, precise and easy to understand as compared to Jung’s dream interpretation, which can be complex, hard to comprehend and apply.


Traducendo i messaggi delle vostre fantasie, raccoglierete le informazioni riguardanti la persona che amate e ciò che è importante per voi in questo senso. È tutto gratuito e per tutto il tempo che desideri. Oltre a questo diventerai anche un genio e sarai protetto dalla follia e dalla malinconia. Quindi, con questa protezione e consiglio, la vostra felicità sarà assicurata e duratura. Questo può anche non essere messo in pericolo dai nemici e dai vari pericoli imprevisti che possono venire sul vostro cammino.


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