Quali sono le fasi dell'acne?

Si possono trovare 3 fasi in : mild, severe and moderate. The mild to moderate types of acne could be treated using wash, facial cleansers, astringents along with other products containing and the likes. Regardless of the stage of acne, proper cleansing and care is essential so regular washing, each morning and once during the night is preferred preferably once.


Acne is graded by dermatologists to be mild if you can find only 36 comedones or papules scattered on the patient’s , without lesions or lesions which are minimal. Infants could be diagnosed to presenting mild acne even. That is nothing to about worry, everybody might have this and everyone can having mild acne at least one within their life.

Acne lieve

Mild acne are available on people ages 0 to 99. Mild acne are available not on the facial skin but additionally on the solo, schiena, braccia, cosce, spalle e petto. L'acne è classificata come moderata se l'individuo ha lesioni rosse e molto più di 36 comedoni o pustole (non papule). I comedoni e le pustole potrebbero essere infiammati e sono visibili a 2 metri di distanza.

Questo tipo di acne può anche essere all'interno dei bambini e degli anziani, ma è probabile che sia piccola. L'acne moderata è sperimentata dagli adolescenti.

Acne grave

È classificato imprese di assicurazione un sacco di comedoni e pustole in tutto il viso reale e il collo. Sono pustole grandi e possono essere estremamente dolorose. Per coloro che hanno l'acne grave, meglio richiedere l'aiuto di un dermatologo come il solito lavaggio del viso potrebbe non aiutare. L'acne grave è trattata con farmaci orali come prescritto dai dermatologi di solito.

Questo è in realtà il tipo di acne che scatena gravi to teenagers and could lead to low self-esteem. Their face could be covered with pustules containing pus which is obvious they feel rejected and bad, knowing others are disgusted by this sight easily. In case you are experiencing acne, are you aware your acne stage? In any full case, an effective acne treatment is necessary. Although some stages can be extremely well treated with natural acne treatments, severe stages shall need a professional advice, and a big change in your way of life and diet maybe.

Prendere in considerazione

Alcune persone sociali hanno successo con cures, others use popular acne products in the marketplace that offer a whole solution, following a cleansing generally, treatment and preparation and protection process. Topical treatments, lotions and gels aren’t the only real acne products. Skincare supplements become section of a highly effective treatment also, they your system from the within, to attack acne at it roots. New technologies are gaining more exposure also, such as for example LED devices that you could find in dermatologists and spas office, and designed for home use also.


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