Qual è l'importanza di una pentola sana?

Can today’s pots and pans meet these conditions? To start with, all metals are responsive to food that’s a biochemical entity. While cooking, metals split into waves and react with the hydrogen and oxygen molecules and nutrients which are in the kind of halogens, acids and bases and heat functions as a catalyst.


These metal ions together with food are then digested and accumulates in organs and tissue, and over time can lead to health problems ranging from short-term to chronic diseases. Unfortunately, the immune system has trouble cleansing these toxins as they enter the body bound to food.

Another popular type of cookware, ceramic clay or synthetic clay consists of several inorganic oxides, metal oxides, and compounds. The glazes and enamels used to cover them are, in addition, a mix of different toxic components that leach similar toxins into food and contaminate it.

Tenete a mente

So, regrettably, cookware made from ceramic and metal materials also, fail these circumstances! Second, the warmth from these pots is harmful to the delicate supplements in meals. Touch a metal pan five minutes to heating, it burns your skin and leaves a scar. The cells are damaged by this heat. Food is also made from natural tissue and is subject to damage while cooking. And lastly, water-soluble nutrients evaporate as steam further diluting the nutrient value of food.

Thus, it’s apparent that when it comes to healthy cookware, careful consideration to the raw material is critical. If we look at ancient history, clay was the only substance used for cooking. Some may argue that our ancestors couldn’t mine enough metals, to the contrary, they mined as much as they wanted and never felt the need to mine for cookware, why, because clay was much better!


We began producing cookware from metals just since the previous few hundred years. Is it maybe because we do not understand what they knew? When cookware is made of clay, the food cooked in it’s pure, because the raw material is pure. On top of that, when searching, start looking for clay cookware made from 100% pure clay, this is the maximum quality organic clay and may naturally condense steam and cook with far-infrared heat. This heat that is unique to pure clay cooks food all of your food WITHOUT ruining the nutrients! So now you understand, picking healthy cookware can really be easy, just check the raw material it is made from. As shown here, this makes all of the difference.


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