Cosa sapere sulla guarigione naturale del corpo?

Back-to-nature is a brand new health initiative by individuals living in modern society. Aromatherapy, which stems from organic plants, has also became a favorite in modern day living. Ancient medical healers use essential oils to heal people’s bodies and aroma to soothe their spirits.


As whiffs of fragrance drift through the ages, people living in modern society have made use of the most recent scientific research to develop the unlimited potential and valuable deposits of essential oils, in order to improve the environment, improve healthiness and decorate the soul. Aromatherapy comes from the basis of natural flora and enters the human body although the atmosphere and the olfactory nerves. From there, it moves though the central nerves to our brains and, tapping the features of plants hormones, it’s ready to deliver beneficial effects to the body, like the lungs, blood, emotional nerves, immune system and even aid in emotional aspects like the alleviation or pacification of issues like depression.


It employs a simple natural process to kill germs and boost nutrients in the air that we breathe. At exactly the exact same time, aromatherapy can permit the surrounding environment to make anions that are incredibly good for the human body. Different plant fragrances will make various feelings and reactions in our body. Aromatherapy uses the qualities of plant essential oils to enhance the health and balance between complexion, body, cognition and soul, in order to attain a condition where the body, heart and soul become one. All plants will go though photosynthesis in which the cells will secrete aromatic molecules.

These molecules will build into aromatic components dispersed on the petals, leaves or branches. After extracting these aromatic components, we’ll get what we term as plant essential oils. The essential oils used by aromatherapy is regarded as the hormones of plants. They have the identical building elements and life energy as human beings.

Essential oils

These oils are produced from the amalgamation of different type of molecules. These molecules exist in a gorgeous proportion. As molecules are extremely nice and have a high penetration capability, they can efficiently enter the human body and not leave behind any toxins. According to research, pure plant essential oils won’t be like compound pharmaceuticals that stay in the body. They’ll use the body’s excretory system like urine, perspiration and breathing to purge from the body. If the use is correct, natural essential oils will have no side effects.

The natural aroma of plant essential oils, after entering into the brain through the olfactory nerves, can stimulate the frontal brain to secrete some hormones, in order to provide a most comfortable frame of mind. This is the ideal way to safeguard the spirit. One is also able to set different essential oils together to combine an aroma to someone’s liking. This won’t damage the features of essential oils and will even enable their functions. The basic features of essential oils may prevent infectious diseases and fight germs, pathogens and molds. They can also prevent inflammation and convulsion in addition to improve cellular metabolism and regenerating abilities, which makes life even better.

Buono a sapersi

These essential oils can also modulate the internal secretion organs, enhancing the secretion of hormones and allowing the physiological and mental actions of the body to grow nicely. Essential oils may unwind the nerves, improve blood circulation, reduce depression, make one happier and empower cognition and psychology to reach a harmonious state. The term phyton comes from a Latin word that means a sort of plant, while the term cidere means “to kill”. Russian biologist, Professor Dunkinn, found that certain aims emit a substance called “phytoncidere” when broken. Phytoncidere, present in all plants, kill other living things in their environment. If living organisms like amoeba of influenza, cholera or diphtheria germs are put near to freshly chopped leaves, the germ will be killed after a couple of minutes.

Prendere nota

Hence, it’s apparent that plants possess a self-immunity function which remove bacteria and fungi.

  • Purifies air of pollutants to ensure smoother breathing for increased vitality.
  • Enters the body through the nasal passage to resist diseases and maintain physical and mental balance.

Aroma psychology

It arises out of”Aroma Healing Studies” is a science which specifically examines the emotional state and internal responses that occur when one inhales perfume. It uses the results of various measuring tools to show the effects of aromatherapy. It’s ready to present the study results in a quantitative way and empower aromatherapy to go the means of science. Dr. Jacob, a biological science lecturer at the Public Health School at Harvard University, describes anion as”Vitamin in the atmosphere”. Cation can lead to headache, discomfort and raise blood pressure, whereas anion can decease blood pressure. An experiment can demonstrate that when a patient with high blood pressure inhales anion, his blood pressure will decrease and so will his pulse rate.

  • Respiratory system: anions can improve the fine hair actions in the nose sticky membrane, windpipe and bronchus sticky membrane; elevate the expansion of smooth muscles; assist in the removal of phlegmatic fluids; soothe the sensitive reactions of the respiratory system and can be particularly valuable to nose sensitivity.
  • Blood flow system: reduces blood pressure, slows the heart rate, lowers the precipitation rate of red blood cells, lengthens the time for blood to coagulate and assists in the smooth flow of blood.
  • Immune System: activates the dermis system feature, elevates protein contents in the blood cells, hence increasing the capacity to fight diseases.
  • Control germs in the air and decrease diseases related to the respiratory organs.
  • Adjust and modulate the active reaction functions of the nervous system, hence soothing feelings of anxiety and uneasiness.

Parola finale

Essential oils are absorbed by the body through two channels, the skin and the lungs. The skin is initially endowed with all the functions of absorption and excretion. Essential oils molecules are extremely tiny and have the ability to penetrate into the epidermis and in between the lymph and lymph cells, then spread to the bloodstream in different areas of the body. Absorption method happens through the pulmonary alveoli in the lungs, into the surrounding capillary bloodstream and can release refined plant hormones to the atmosphere through aromatherapy, allowing the body to absorb quickly and achieve healing benefits.

When the lungs absorb phytoncidere nutrients, it’s not only beneficial to the lungs, it will also forge a healthy connection between the lungs and the heart, in addition to the heart and the blood vessels. So, following the lungs absorb this great deal of nutrients, it is going to send these nutrients into the heart, and the heart will then send these nutrients into the blood vessels, which will then send the nutrients to every cell in the human body!

Traditional aromatherapy uses the technique of heating to permit essential oils to circulate valuable nutrients to the body. To start up the path of health and health science, step one is to be familiar with the functions of health care. This requires the complementation of”bio-tech aroma-vapourisation” products that Bel’Air has developed and researched.


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